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The wedding night

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A mixture of excitement, euphoria, uncertainty, and arousal flowed through him. In fact, he was so excited that his hands were shaking slightly. Thirteen long months he had waited. 13 months it had been since she had proposed, 13 months they had been engaged. And now - on their wedding night - they could finally do what he had longed for for so many years. Today he would become a man and feel what he had seen in so many stories, films, porn. Tonight, was the night he would finally lose his virginity.

She patted the bed, smiled gently at him, "Sit down, my love".

He did as she asked, sat down on the bed, exactly where she had tapped and watched her kneel on the floor in front of him. Her fingers undid first his belt buckle, then his trousers. His heart was pounding, and he felt the blood rushing between his legs. She first took off his trousers and then slipped the soft pink panties over his smooth legs, so that he sat before her completely naked. It had taken him a long time to be persuaded to wear girl's underwear. At that time, she had literally begged him, she liked the sight so much. It had been many years ago - they had still been teenagers.

"Wow, look how he's pushing against the cage," she whispered, gently stroking the bars of his chastity cage with her fingers. She giggled softly and undid her necklace, to which the key was attached. "Let's let the little one out then. You really deserve it, baby. You've waited soo long. I can hardly believe it... 13 whole months. More than a whole year."

That wasn't really true. In the beginning, she had bought him another cage. For the day of their engagement. However, he was able to get out of it. A few weeks later, she took him to the piercing studio. After everything had healed, she bought a new cage - a smaller one - which could also be connected to the new piercing in his glans. This way, it was no longer possible for him to free himself. Because of this interruption, it was probably only a little over 11 months in which he had not had a single proper erection. This fact frightened him the most. He was afraid that his body had forgotten how to make the penis stiff. Against this, however, was the fact that he was constantly trying to break out of the cage, especially when he was eating her out. A futile act of rebelling against the bars of steel.


"You're dripping again, my darling," she said lovingly, watching a drop of pleasure move slowly as a silver thread from the top of the cage towards the floor. He knew nothing to say to it. His cheeks glowed and nervously he watched the key in her hand. She placed it on the bed.

"You know what? I want you to lick me first. What would a first time be without foreplay?"

She took off her panties, lay on the bed and opened her legs. She too was wet, so wet that he discovered a cream-coloured stain in her panties. She smelled like sex which made him even hornier.

Actually, he didn't need the foreplay at all. Especially since it was his first time and not hers. Even when they had met, she was no longer a virgin. After they got together, however, it became clear relatively quickly that she still didn't want to have sex until they were married. At least not with him. It's so precious that you're still a virgin... that's so rare... let's save that for a very special night. She had said this and other things to him, for years, until she finally proposed. But that didn't mean that they hadn't satisfied each other in their years in partnership other than by penetration. At some point it had become almost a daily routine for him to pleasure her with his tongue and mouth. And sometimes she had also taken his member between her thumb and forefinger and pushed the foreskin up and down until he had an orgasm.

She also met other men. After all, she was no longer a virgin and thus had no reason to abstain from real sex.

He felt her hand rest on the back of his head, and she guided his head between her legs with gentle pressure. She was rarely as wet as she was today. Usually only when she came home from one of her lovers. She tasted a little salty today, almost a little like his own cum. Amazing how similar men and women could taste. She moaned out, took his head between her hands and moved her pelvis up and down so that she rubbed herself over his mouth and nose. With all his strength his penis was now pressing against the metal.

"Okay baby!" she said breathlessly, pushing him away. Obviously she almost came, but she wanted to save that for later. “Are you ready?”

"Yes!" he breathed in a shaky voice. She smiled, took the key from the bed, knelt in front of him and opened the lock. Carefully she pulled the front of the cage off his cock, which immediately reared up and reached its full size. Clearly the imprints of the bars were visible on his skin. Another drop of precum came out of his glans.

"Naww, I don't remember him that small" she said, her voice sounding warm and loving.

She lay down again on her back and opened her legs again, smiling at him encouragingly. He could hardly believe it. Now was the time. Now he would finally feel what he had imagined so many times before for so many years. Suddenly he looked between her legs with a completely different gaze. It was no longer just the place through which he could give her pleasure - now their bodies would connect, he would be inside her and not just with her. He propped his hands up beside her head, feeling his stiff penis touch her skin. Briefly they looked into each other's eyes, then he kissed her. Her lips tasted different than usual too, a little salty, just as she had tasted between her legs. Briefly he stopped kissing her. He wanted to feel it very closely, to concentrate on nothing else. Then he penetrated her, felt the warmth of her body and how she enclosed him. It was indescribable. She sighed softly. He began to move inside her. He almost blacked out, it felt so good to feel her after many long months of not even feeling her fingers and even more long years of only feeling her fingers. His movements became faster, more uncontrolled. Everything felt like it was in slow motion. He could feel the orgasm rising inside him. Almost threateningly, he felt it in his abdomen and his movement became even faster. He couldn't even hear her voice properly. She hadn't moaned either. "Baby..." it came to him muffled, as if from a distance. Her hands went to his hips, and she pushed him away gently. Suddenly he no longer felt her warmth and tightness, only the cool air. The last thrust was enough to bring him over the edge. He groaned, looked down at himself and watched as his cock spilled twitching over her belly. He felt a confusing mixture of relief and disappointment.

"Baby, this isn't doing anything for me," she said, looking at him apologetically. He looked back questioningly and in shock, his cock still twitching slightly in front of him. Briefly she watched, amused.

"It doesn't do anything for me. I can't really feel you." She sighed and put a hand on his cheek. "Look, I've noticed that about other men too. Sometimes they're just too small and then it doesn't give me anything... I disappeared into the bathroom with Mike for a minute today during the wedding party and he has a... slightly bigger penis than you. And that feels completely different. He only had to thrust a few times and I came right away... But that's not a bad thing! You're much better with your tongue than most men!"

She smiled encouragingly at him, gathered the pieces of the cage from the bed and slipped the cool metal over his half erect cock, just as she had done a year ago.

"I'm sorry. It just doesn't do anything for me. And then I just don't want us to have sex. But at least now you know what it feels like, and you have a memory of it. It's what you've always wanted. And you get to keep eating me out a lot. I just don't want your cock inside me again. Please don't ask about it again either, that subject is over."

She smiled at him again full of love, pulled his head to her and kissed him very gently and intimately while she clicked the lock of his cage shut. Again, he could taste the saltiness on her lips and what Mike and she had done in the bathroom during the party.

Posted : 22/03/2023 10:52 am
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Not sure what to make of this story? She couldn't bring herself to be kind to her husband on their wedding night? I'd be filing for that divorce.

Posted : 07/07/2023 5:25 pm
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@tmo56nv  Yup.  Agree.

Posted : 07/07/2023 9:06 pm
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Couldn't agree more

Posted : 12/07/2023 11:23 am