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No Plan B

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Did you know that plan b pill is almost completely useless if you are over 170 lbs? We were talking about usage of condoms in a non monogamy situation and bought a plan B pill only to read the instructions and find that it will be useless for me. I am about about 240 so not even close. The world has failed the fluffy girls.

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Posted : 05/04/2022 10:23 am
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Is it possible that the dosage needs to be increased from the "standard amount" for larger women, and maybe two pills would be required?

I AM NOT A DOCTOR so please consult your doctor before considering a double dose.


Posted : 10/07/2022 4:11 am
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Plan B may be less effective in women with a BMI over 30 such as TheRachel as she points out. The CDC states that there is no increased risk in using it and the risk to benefit would still be favorable when used as directed. A better option would be a pill called Ella which does not have the large woman effectiveness issue.  Hope this helps. Fluffy girls are the best imo!

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Posted : 12/07/2022 4:13 am