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How to get my wife more interested?

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Can anyone provide advice on getting my wife to just enjoy the lifestyle more? She is only somewhat into it while I want to never go back. I honestly feel like something is missing when not caged but she is more in the mind set of if you want to then go ahead if that makes sense. 

Posted : 10/03/2023 12:27 pm
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All I can say is read the room and focus on the things she seems to enjoy most. There is no magic formula to getting someone interested in something that doesn't flip their switch. Believe me. If there was, i would shatter any boundry I had to make it happen. I'm pretty unsatisfied right now and frustrated.


Be respectful and make sure you are meeting her needs the best you can. Maybe she will surprise you.


Good luck, man.


Posted : 10/03/2023 1:10 pm
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Share websites and stories with her that you think she'd be interested in. @Emma does a great job on this site. There is another section with some more sites. You can also search some blogs based on your (or more importantly, her) preferences. There are a few good articles on Medium.


Just keep exploring and do your best to make it a road you travel together. That is, don't make yourself one more thing that she needs to fit into her day, but find ways to explore shared interests.

Posted : 10/03/2023 3:24 pm
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