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Signed a "service agreement" last week with my wife of 15 years.  It involves chastity and service of her needs and of chores.  I have agreed to do all chores around the house for six months and to remain locked throughout with releases for showers and physically servicing her.  After one week in chastity I can attest to the heightened focus on my wife.  Much like that first girlfriend that you wanted to have sex with all the time but she kept shutting you down.  Some days, it's all I can think about.  But thinking about it brings about the pain of arousal when inside a cage.  The result is I give her all the hugs, kisses, attention, she could ever want.  I am happy, motivated, and even turned on to do things like wash her clothes, cook, clean, run errands.  If I can't have sex, at least I can do things for her.  It is great.

Posted : 03/09/2023 9:41 am
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RE: New to Chastity I am also new in chastity and everything you have described in your post is exactly me . I always did chores but now i find myself on overload. Like you i am allowed out for deep cleaning and to pleasure her.

Posted : 12/09/2023 1:58 pm
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Isn't cleaning just what you do in a partnership? Most of the time women do more than men. Good job on stepping up in your contributions to your relationship 😉

Posted : 18/09/2023 11:42 am