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When cum happens?

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@emma I talked to my wife yesterday about cum and she said that cum in a non monogamy relationship falls into a few categories. I want to get your thoughts and also know where you and Kevin fall. These are the phases we had but I want to know if yours were different.

  1. When I cum, I would find a towel or use a wet wipe by the bed to clean it up.
  2. When I cum, she would touch the cum with her finger and taste it herself and kiss me or touch it to my lips.
  3. When I cum she would gently ask me to lick it because she found it hot.
  4. When I cum she would sometimes ask me to clean it up.
  5. When I cum she would remind or direct me to clean it up.
  6. When I cum, no reminding necessary. I know that cum is my responsibility to clean up.

This extended to non monogamy and now with very little prodding, I know that it is my responsibility to clean her up any time I see cum especially with a cuckold type situation. Even if I am allowed to masturbate with her, she reminds me not to let it go to waste. My whole mindset has changed and I now see cum differently as a prize that my lover allows me to enjoy.


Posted : 26/10/2022 7:52 am
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