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Your Bi neighbours invited you and your wife over for drinks around their pool. At one point you realised you were alone in the water and the 3 of them had disappeared. You looked into the summer house just when one of the guys had a shaking orgasm as your wife drained the cum from his twitching cock. She looked up to see that your own hard cock was bulging in your shorts. She held your gaze and gripped his balls, sucking even harder until his cum was spilling from her mouth.


“Keep your eyes on the camera, slut. Your husband told me he wants a good view of your face while I fuck you. You said you wanted a bigger cock so how does it feel?! Tell him how much you love this big cock. Tell him what a dirty slut you are. You’re ready to cum aren’t you! Go on ask for it. Then he can watch you suck me until I cum in your mouth. Show him what a whore he’s turned you into…”


She was always really noisy when she knew our houseguest was still awake and could obviously hear us. She would suck me while she said things like “do you think he’s stroking himself now? Does he have a big cock? Would you like to watch me sucking it?” I’d answer yes of course and she would get so turned on and wet.


“Oh Jake look at your hard cock….are you frustrated?! Is it because you heard me getting fucked last night by my husband? I know I shouldn’t be in here with you…especially while he’s out….but it can be our secret. God your cock feels good…would you like to quickly fuck me from behind? I think we both need it…”


Your wife loves her sessions with her personal trainer. You can’t complain because each time she sucks you she seems to have learned a new move. She says she just makes it up as she goes...but you know it’s because she practices on him first.



“Sorry babe I meant to send this to you as you’re away but I’ve just sent it to Jake with the message ‘can’t wait for you to rip this off me and fuck me like your slut’. He’s read it and I can hear him coming to our room. I guess I have to go through with it now. I’ll try and get some pics or a movie. It’ll be so hot for you to see me sucking that huge cock of his. You can tell me what position you want to see him fuck me....that will be so hot like I’m your porn star and you’re directing me ?”


I see it playing out like this. First he’s going to pull that outfit off you and throw you on the bed. He’ll instinctively go down on you because that’s what he loves doing. He doesn’t know that your idea of foreplay is to suck cock instead! After a minute you’ll push him away and want to start sucking him. You’ll both love it and you’ll be telling him how big he is. You’ll get even wetter from that so then you’ll straddle him so you can control easing him in. He’s big so it’ll take a while. He’ll be pushing up into you making you moan. When you have him all the way in you’ll ride him slowly until you’re literally dripping over him. Then you’ll move onto all fours and tell him to fuck you hard. He’ll be desperate by then so he won’t hesitate. He’ll grab your ass and push into you. You’ll moan and tell him yes and to fuck you harder. You’ll tell him how much you love his big cock. You’ll cum before he does and collapse on the bed. You’ll motion for him to bring his cock to your tongue. He’ll fuck your mouth until he unloads and you’ll swallow as much as you can while it drips over your face.


“Try and hold on babe….don’t cum yet…I want to see how long you can last while I tell you about the time you were away when I got a bit drunk and I sucked and fucked those two guys. I know it’s one of your favourites! Is it because they were both bigger than you? Or because I acted like such a slut with them? Can you picture it now? Me with a big cock stretching my pussy and an even bigger one fucking my mouth?!…Oh babe your cock is twitching so much…you’re such a dirty pervert…”


“OMG were right...that guy was huge. Easily 8 inches. We went into the pool showers and I gave him such a good blowjob he was shaking. I could feel my pussy getting so wet. He had a condom so I turned around and he fucked me against the wall. Fuck he really filled me up. He knew what he was doing as well...he reached round and massaged my clit while he pushed even deeper into me. I came so hard I think people outside heard me because I was getting filthy looks when I left. Can we go upstairs? My pussy is absolutely soaking and tingling. You can go down on me while I describe it again then you can fuck me and call me whatever you want. Then pull out and cum in my mouth...I want to feel like a complete slut!”



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Posted : 31/03/2021 6:23 pm