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A lady on top during regular intercourse is considered an unbecoming position for men. Social stereotypes seem to want them rigorously on top, you know, or at best from behind because those position fit with the idea of control. Yet I sometimes found that having the lady on top is actually one of the best positions, and in my case certainly the best one (i last longer, arguably because the rhythm is not that of my choosing) particularly considering that you have the whole female body within the reach of your hands as a gorgeous playground (legs, buttocks, breasts, back, shoulders). But with my ex I found this was by far her preferred position too. We were twenty years apart me in my forties and she in her sixties and she loved to call me her "toyboy", though at 40 plus i wasn't a boy anymore lol. That was a position she excelled with. She always looked rather bossy as a lady, and sometimes i asked her whether she was dominant, at which she replied somehow misteriously "i think my actions speak for themselves", adding in one occasion "what do you think? I pin you down, i make you squirm boy!"

Well that was true because certainly i did not spare my moanings while she was on top. This is by the way another thing men seem ashamed of, but actually showing their "vulnerability" in that department and moan and whrite without  retention like ladies would, may be rather amusing and fulfilling a show to listen to and to behold for a lady riding a man. I could see her smirking and sometimes saying "i like that" meaning that she liked that I was squirming without regrets lol. I told her once that she really made me feel used, a feeling that I actually enjoyed I added, at which she said "well i love you and yes, i DO use you" with emphasis on "do". A lady on top can be quite a show.

With the lady on top there are plenty of things that can be introduced in the picture. Sometimes the lady may hold the man's hands down. No touching, just stay there and be done! Beg! From there the lady may slap her breasts on his man's face, or actually smush his face in between them (something that my ex partner loved to do, particularly when she decided to "finish" me off). Breast slapping a man's face is not that easy, the movement does not appear very natural, but it can be definitely done. She can also demand to suck her breasts, at which I usually asked which one and usually she wanted to start with her right one. The lady may somehow force her breast into a man's mouth, holding the breast, cupping it, and pushing it into the mouth of her partner with a sound "take it" lol. It's a rather dominant gesture I'd say, and may help evolve a man as well to fit in a different situation than the mainstream ones, and yet still a pleasurable one. I was sometimes even face slapped, with hands, as she was riding, which makes you feel very much used and turned into a real toy that is there uniquely to cater for the fierce satisfactions of the lady. Or she can pull your hair as she whispers something in your ears (who knows what lol). I met once a lady who liked, in that position, to call her lover names and even spit sometimes on their face, a bit brutal but if you like the kind. But generally speaking a lady on top can move at her own pleasure, and can also sense pretty well if the man may be about to climax and decide whether to allow it or to deny it by just stopping cold. And maybe resuming later. I remeber a lady on top who had powerful breasts and I uttered "oh my what massive t*ts" at which she pushed all the way down and stopped cold, looked at me with a stern face, and said "breasts. They are called BREASTS". I felt very ashamed and I realized i had been unpolite, for how comical that may sound in such a setting, so i apologized, at which she turned from stern to slightly amused and she said "good", and resumed jumping on me harder, while I cried "oh my what breasts" having apparently learned my warning and masterlesson on respect in bed! The fact a klady is naked on top of you does not mean you can wander with your hands at your will or that you can forget manners, gee!

All in all, evolving your man may even exploit this position, with the dynamics it affords (which I hope I may have illustrated at least in part, with their benefits for the purpose) that other positions do not lend themselves to so conveniently.

Posted : 15/06/2021 7:52 pm
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