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What happened to yoga girl?

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I should ask the question, where did YG go? Why did she stop blogging? At times she seemed stressed about the amount of time she was spending responding to comments and even turned comments off for the entire site at one point. 


From "About the comments section or lack thereof" posted Feb 12 2018

I had to go on a little trip, and I didn't want to have people submit comments and not be able to approve them for days, so I just took them down.  One thing I've noticed since going away and coming back is that I've developed compulsive checking behavior.  60 minutes did a story on this mostly revolving around smart phones and how they condition behavior to keep the user engaged.  Yes, silicon valley people have conditioned your phone checking behavior intentionally and your being manipulated.  The same thing was happening to me and this blog that my wife has put together. She certainly doesn't have time to tend to it so it has fallen to me to kind of weed and feed it.  But even with me doing that, I need to tell her when she gets home what needs to be responded to on top of her already 28 hour day.  It may be hard for people to believe, but she's not overjoyed to come home and spend more time in front of the computer though she does appreciate very much everyone's support and the warm reception this little booklet has received.  There's just not time in the day.  Physics just doesn't allow it.

Since I've been handling this blog, I've noticed that I'm always checking it for comments that have been left because I feel a responsibility to approve comments as quickly as possible.  I don't like to leave people hanging.  And of course a blog like this can't be done without moderated comments.  Something had to give.  Originally she wanted to just do the book in the link above just to get it out of her head and share our experience almost like a civic responsibility and just leave it up.  And people that were searching for it could find it.  There's really not much else to say.  Continual new posts would just be redundant and repetitive.  That's not to say there won't ever be new posts, but what needs to be said has been said.  Mostly she wants people to remember that this thing were doing is about fostering greater passion and intimacy through frequent sexual intercourse.  With that in mind move forward with love and an understanding of each other's needs through open communication. And if something is not working, stop doing it and find something that does work for both of you.

Posted : 01/06/2022 8:29 am
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I just read the 2016 post "FLR 101: His week off, an important decision".  

Since you have mentioned Kevin after the posting I assume he saw your wisdom and accepted the offer of your continued guidance.

Your statement "he’s effectively been castrated except for when I need his penis for my purposes." seemed to create a stir.  I can understand how a male that is new to FLR may take issue with being "effectively castrated" by the woman in his life.  The FLR life is quite a departure from the traditional male dominated world we've been taught is correct.

A few years ago I love a woman completely.  She was dominate and opinionated.  Within a year and a half she had "effectively castrated" me. She made all the decision.  Sex occurred when she wanted.  She then wanted to date other men and I was willing to accepter her decision without leaving her.  But we didn't have the guidance and information we needed to make this a reality.  There were no FLR sites on the internet yet.  I wish we had someone to guide us both on how to move forward to a relationship where she was able to get the sexual satisfaction she needed from other men before returning to her sub bf (me).  


I'm glad the article was recently reposted.  

In the movie "The Mexican":  If you really love someone, how do you know when to walk away?  Never.  

I'm not a submissive to anyone else.  But I had already decided I would not leave her even if she had other bf's.  to those of you who think that's strange / crazy, you don't know who I was dating.



Posted : 29/08/2022 7:46 am