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New here and our story.

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My wife (Eva, 42 years old) and I tareq (45) had been married for 23 years and going. Have 2 wonderful twins that we deeply love (22 years old) Lana (daughter) and Jessy (son). So, what made me make this profile is that my wife and I ran into it few years back when we were looking for things to do to spice up our sex life and this page convinced us of the sexiness of trying pegging and how it it can be. But recently something happened. Our daughter, Lana, who had been dating her boyfriend who btw we love and adore like our own son and  hope one day the 2 of them can seal the knot and get married, they both joined the swingers lifestyle. We found out by chance by multiple occasion until we came to that conclusion about it and confronted them with it and they admitted they were in it. It just surprised us that our daughter, who had always been introverted, shy and always focused on her studies can be into such wild experiences. So, as a father, I wanna point out that I am proud of my daughter no mater what and will always love her more than the world, but I cant know how I can be chill and relaxed knowing guys are just teaming up on my daughter in a group sex. And I also dont know how to feel knowing her bf doesnt mind other guys doing her. I get it, there are generational differences and these are modern times and such things are becoming less and less taboo. So, thats first. Second, my daughter recommended and asked us to give it a try, that it can really spice up our sex life and that once we try it, we will see their perspective. I had followed the comments and the posts here for a while and know how kind and open minded and supportive everyone is here. So, hope someone can help here in regards to those question, and thank you.

Posted : 30/01/2024 10:33 am