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Is penis shrinking from chastity permanent?

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Hello! Love the content here, it's been really helpful with my partner and I exploring an FLR. First off, pretty new to this so I apologize if this is a dumb question.

My partner and I have played with chastity off and on but we decided to try it longer term. I had been locked in chastity for about 10 weeks before getting permission to pleasure myself over the weekend as a reward. It's the first time I've been caged for that long and I'm pretty sure my erect penis is now demonstrably smaller than it was before this particular round of being locked up. I've heard that it can happen, but the difference was a bit shocking. If we continue with this as part of our relationship dynamic is that shrinkage reversible if I just go back to not wearing a cage 24/7 at some point? It's been really amazing to see my partner grow into herself and her power, but like... permanent changes to my body have me a bit scared. 

Not sure if it's relevant but I'm not very big to begin with and I'm a grower so we had to get a very small cage to have me comfortable while flaccid so I have close to zero room to get hard in the cage.

Posted : 31/07/2023 3:49 pm
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No, it is not permanent.

Posted : 01/08/2023 7:39 am
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Have seen many say shrinkage isn't possible....and a few who yes it is.....I have to wonder myself as have been wearing one now for an extended amount of time.......I know 'she' will not be concerned about it as having expressed a desire of seeing as a 'nub' her word not my age though this becomes tolerable....                 If truly thinking about shrinkage, then I would suggest using Spiractin.....the name on the bottle, but does come using other names.....Start with 2 a day...use more if want...but it will the length of time used along with dosage.........BUT i believe this is definitely permanent......mine went from virtually 6" most of the time to ...LAST time allowed out was 'about' 2 1/2" 


Posted : 01/08/2023 9:41 am
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Old question, old answer: no, it is only temporary but not permanent

btw.... It seems to me more and more that people who want to fulfill their sexual desires are doing so more and more with stupid ideas. And they lure others into the same stupid ideas by spreading the word. Drugs have side effects and are not a perverted toy!

Posted : 01/08/2023 11:10 pm
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I have lost 4-5cm (around 1.5"), maybe even more. I have no idea if it's "permanent". Nor do I know if it's caused by chastity, or just the fact that I'm aging. Regardless, it's gone.

Posted : 04/08/2023 9:42 am
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No by the cage no but age will do that to you, make you smaller and your erections softer too. My advice is embrace it and serve her needs not yours. 

Posted : 06/08/2023 9:54 am
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i’ve been caged for 9 years in a FLR and actually couldn’t say if there is any difference in size. if anything more girth i think but very rarely allowed a full erection ..   it’s a sponge tissue that fills with blood, it’s very very different to a muscle. i think for me it doesn’t really matter, as my wife doesn’t want PIV sex and hasn’t for coming on a decade so it’s not important as it’s no longer used for anything  other than urinating and the very rare caged orgasm. when you have been doing it this long   it’s of little importance as i doubt it’ll ever get PIV again. i’m happy with that, it arouses me knowing that in all likelihood i’ll be denied forever 

Posted : 29/12/2023 3:17 pm
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