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I'm Nico, 30years old from germany. I first heard of male chastity at the age 17 or 18, and now what can i say i was immediatley fascinated. 

Like many other men, I found it very difficult to talk about it. Which means that I had been with my girlfriend for 5 years before I talked with her about my desire.

Well, of course she was shocked. We tried to get started but we failed completly.
There were two reasons for this, first that i knew exactly what i wanted but on the other hand she had no idea about it. Of course it was my mistake, i tryed to give her some information to start but didn't have a side like this one, which is written from a woman for women.
Well, the second problem was that there were several medical problems, each of which took many months (or years), so that we never really got into a routine.
Luckily thats over now and we try to get startet from zero. For this reason i'm greatful that i have found this website. So thank you Emma, I think there are a lot of couples out there that you help with your Blog.
Posted : 05/04/2021 3:12 am
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Welcome - thanks for sharing your story and best of luck on your journey. Sorry to hear about your medical problems but glad that they have resolved to the point you are able to do this! 

Posted : 05/04/2021 8:02 am