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Hello, I am lOved

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Hello, I decided to register, because we started a new chapter in our relationship, and I needed to speak about it to some people outside of our couple.

Our relationship has been very unloving for many years, but finally it looks like we found an agreement that seems to work for both of us. It is different from anything I have seen anyone else try. At least that I know off.

I might describe in more details how this works in future posts, if I feel so. In the meantime I shall just mention that it also involves some intimate prostatic massages that she does on me. And that I can ask, when I need them. And the feeling, the sensation, is amazing.

By the way, how is it called when the woman fucks the man with a dildo?
Like pegging, but without the strapon attached to the body of the woman, just moving it in and out with her hand?

So while she agreed to do this to me, when I need it. On my side I take care to always be kind. Which requires a continue discipline on my side. But this is blowing her away . I am doing all sorts of services to her. From going to take the kids, to letting her choose the menu (with the obvious limits of food intolerances). In short I stopped being a pain in the butt. At least out of bed.


Are there any other couples here where the relationship strives to be balanced (not female led or male led, but p2p), and yet the man takes it... and loves every m...(...illimeter) of it

Posted : 06/02/2023 4:16 pm
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In general, I don't think men take on as much work as women. Often times, they are not conditioned to see it or to think the task is smaller than it actually is. At times, I temporary feel self-righteous about the amount of work I do for our family (e.g. when I get exhausted or cannot complete everything.) In reality, me working this hard allows my wife to have more time to recharge herself which results in a better home life for everyone. She has more energy and uses it to make our lives better. 

To be clear, I don't work so she will do more for me, but because we are partners who work together. Many others on this site have found benefits of working together in a FLR or a WLM as well. Whatever the relationship dynamics, the important part is that all parties feel understood, supported, and loved. 

Welcome to the site.

Posted : 09/02/2023 10:15 am
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