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Karin Has Another Hot Date Tonight

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My amazing Wife Karin had been eagerly anticipating tonight. She has a date tonight with a couple, whom I will call Mark and Gail – not their real names. The four of us have already met over drinks, where Karin expressed Her desire for the first sexual encounter with the new couple to be exclusively with Her. If everything goes well tonight, Karin wants to have them over to our place in the future for a more “traditional” swingers’ night.

I booked Her a room at Her favorite hotel with an early check-in – the same hotel where She had a previous fun weekend about six months ago. She prefers this hotel for its bar and those nearby, as there are always abundant single men available for a quick trip up to Her room.

She is meeting Mark and Gail at the hotel bar at 11 PM, leaving Her plenty of time for hookups prior to Her date, much like before. But unlike last time where Karin had left me in the hotel room, sitting caged beside the bed while She enjoyed Herself with various lovers, I will be remaining at home, caged until Karin returns.

Karin is wearing a beautiful black spaghetti-strap dress, with a low-cut back, a hemline just above Her mid-thigh, and a cutout in the front just large enough for the butterfly tattoo (with the word “Hotwife” underneath) above Her pierced navel to be visible. She also is wearing a gold anklet with several “HW” charms on it around Her right ankle, and the key to my chastity cage on a matching chain around Her neck. She likes to advertise that She is married but available for a fling, and always wears Her engagement ring and wedding band on these nights.

Earlier today, I arranged a ride share to take Her to the hotel. Just before Karin left, I put a dozen condoms into Her makeup bag, and whispered to Her that I hope She gets to use every one of them tonight. As soon as She was in the car, She started putting on Her lipstick and flirting with the handsome early-30s driver, which had me feeling the tightness of my cage almost immediately.


Before the car pulled away, Karin flashed me a smile and a wink. She might have been planning to get laid even before arriving at the hotel, and I sincerely hope She did! My mind is just racing, thinking about the fun She could be having at this very moment.

I love my Wife, and I want this night to be absolutely amazing for Her.

Posted : 16/09/2023 7:49 pm
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