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What makes my Hotwife so hot to me

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Karin is my Wife. She is a Hotwife, and I love Her for it.

I love to watch and help Karin get ready for a date. Karin is flexible enough to easily zip Her own dress, but there is something that just feels magical when I zip up Her dress just before She is ready to go out, almost as if I’m gift-wrapping Her.

I love seeing Karin wrap Her luscious lips – the very same lips I love to kiss all the time – around Her date’s cock as She starts to pleasure him orally.

She knows I have a lipstick fetish, and I love to see how Karin’s lipstick rubs off Her lovely lips onto Her date’s cock. When going down on Her date, She will frequently stop and re-apply Her lipstick several times. When it’s time to move on from oral, if Karin is planning on having Her date wear a condom, She can skillfully put one onto his cock using only Her mouth. This is just amazing to watch.

Just as Her date first penetrates Her, Karin will make eye contact with me and mouth a silent “I love you” just as She gets a lustful look on Her beautiful face and lets out a wonderful, deep moan. That moment of my Wife confirming Her love to me as She lets Her date take Her is something I live for. There really is no other feeling like it, in my experience.


During sex, Karin will occasionally make eye contact with me and mouth other silent messages to me. Sometimes it’s another “I love you”, sometimes it’s “thank you”, sometimes it’s “yes yes yes” or “I’m going to cum” or “he’s so good!” Sometimes it’s just a simple licking of Her lips or a kiss in my direction. I love this because it tells me even though Karin is in the throes of lust, She is still thinking about me.

When Karin is about to cum, She reaches out Her hand for me to hold, as She then gets lost in orgasmic delight. I can almost feel what She is feeling, just from Her touch.

After a good date for Karin, there is usually a wet spot on the bed. Once Her date has left, She will make me lay in the wet spot as She pegs me for a while. During this pegging is when I feel most like I belong to Karin, and that I will be Hers forever.

Finally, Karin allows me to make love to Her. It’s usually slow and gentle, with a lot of soft words and kisses, in contrast to the vigorous pounding from Her date. She is almost always on top at this time, and even though I’m always given a yes, She still makes me ask permission before I cum inside Her.

Holding Her in my arms as we fall asleep, I feel like I’m the luckiest man in the world.

Posted : 06/11/2023 2:15 pm