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Here is the background for my story: My wife’s daughter was scheduled to be induced into labor last week. This was going to be the first grandchild to be borne of our four children. We knew it is going to be a boy, and my wife was asked months ago to come to stay with her daughter and her husband for about ten days when the new family came home from the hospital to help them make the adjustment from “young couple” to “parents.” The baby was born last Tuesday, July 4 (what a great birthday) and on Friday I took my wife to the airport for her to catch a flight to Texas in time to greet the new family when they returned from the hospital.
From the new parents' perspective, not only is that the context, but that is also the whole story. “Oh, how sweet! Grandma answers the call to be supportive of her exhausted daughter and initiates the age-old tradition of ‘showing her daughter the ropes’ of how to care for a newborn baby.” It is a heartwarming story of a right of passage that has been repeated literally millions of times.
But, from the grandmother’s perspective, this background is just the “vanilla” context. There is another, far less common, story to be told. This grandmother not only has motherly experience to share with her now-grown little girl. She has her own female-led relationship to maintain and a submissive husband to maintain as well.
This trip away could be a pretty good opportunity to see what her submissive husband is made of. This could be a pretty good time to lean into her dominant nature.
Those who have read my previous posts, know that I sometimes question my good fortune in finding a woman who is both naturally compassionate and dominant. Sometimes I just can’t believe it. Occasionally, my insecurity will rear its ugly head and I will question whether she is sincerely so dominant, or whether she is playing a “role” to please me.
To the core of my being, I want to make her the happiest woman on Earth. And if that meant suppressing my kinks to give her a happy “vanilla” life, I would do it. The kinky FLR we have created for ourselves is a dream come true for me. But I could be very happy in a vanilla relationship with this fantastic woman if that is what I had to accept. In my moments of self-doubt, I worry that I am risking a happy life with this wonderful woman because I have revealed my vulnerable side and exposed my desire to be dominated. This self-doubt is on me, not her. She has repeatedly, and unabashedly, shown me her true self. She is a natural Domme. This is my insecurity to deal with and, by and large, I think I do so very well. But in the great scheme of things, in a very complex relationship, I am a pretty lucky guy if this is the biggest problem I have to deal with, right?
But the way my wife handled this trip gave me a glimpse behind the curtain into her perspective on our FLR. She is ordinarily so strong and steady that I sometimes forget that she is entitled to having her own insecurities, too. She decided she was going to test me.
So, on to the real story. At about four o’clock in the morning, on July 4, my wife (who had been monitoring text messages throughout the night) woke me up and asked me, “Have you ever made love to a grandmother before?”
Her daughter had delivered her baby! The previous 24 hours had been an anxious time for everyone involved because my stepdaughter’s blood pressure was dangerously high and her doctor was concerned. To be on the safe side, the doctor decided to do a C-section. In the end, everything went smoothly and both the new mom and her baby were healthy and doing well.
When my wife got the news, she was relieved and instantly ready to celebrate. I had been up until 1:30 in the morning, but no matter. If the queen wants to be serviced, I am her man! When we were finished and she was satisfied, she rewarded me with permission to make myself cum on her belly. We held each other closely as we recovered. We kissed and snuggled and eventually, we started talking about her trip to see her new grandson and lend a helping hand to her daughter.
As I mentioned above, while my wife is my Domme, she is also very compassionate. Fortunately for me, she loves to make me cum. While our ratio of orgasms is about 5 for her to each 1 of mine, I am lucky enough to be permitted to orgasm between once and twice per week. But in our lifestyle, we have agreed that all sex is for her pleasure, and I am only permitted an orgasm if she would enjoy it. I am not allowed to masturbate to orgasm without her express consent. We are always open with each other, and during our conversation that morning, I confessed that it was going to be challenging for me to go almost two weeks without the opportunity for a release.
This is when she decided to test me. I didn’t realize it was a test right away, but eventually figured it out. Once I did, I realized that she was testing me because sometimes she feels insecure, too. Only her insecurity is about whether my submission to her is sincere, or whether I am only “playing along” to make her happy. How is that for irony? Here I sometimes worry about whether she really enjoys being my Domme and all along she is worrying about whether I am really committed to being her sub. Bam! Mind blown.
So, here was the test. In response to my confession, she says to me, “Well, I give you permission. You can relieve yourself whenever you need to while I am away.”
Could I believe my ears? I have to tell you that I immediately started thinking about having the freedom to wank as often as I wanted to for 10 or 11 days straight. I could have more orgasms than I have had in the last three months all put together. I haven’t had an orgasm outside of her presence or without her express permission in well over a year. Holy shit! With that kind of freedom, I might not even make it to work.
I have to admit, for a few minutes after we made love on Tuesday morning, such thoughts were crossing my mind. But, before long, I stopped thinking about giving myself orgasms and I started focusing on the incredible FLR I have with my wife and the purpose of my orgasms. Were they for my selfish pleasure? No. We had agreed, in writing, in both my proposal of marriage as well as our wedding vows, that my orgasms belong to her, and that they were only to be permitted FOR HER PLEASURE. I know this. She knows this. Yet she was offering me a hall pass. Unlimited freedom to rub out as many orgasms as I wanted, without limitation, while she was away.
At first, I thought, “Wow. She really is compassionate. She really loves me. She really wants me to be happy. She wants to enjoy me having orgasms by myself even though she will have no idea what I am doing.” Then I thought, “Wait a second. She would enjoy me having orgasms when she has no idea when or why I am having them?” Of course, she wouldn’t. That is when it dawned on me. She was testing me. Would I jump at the chance to administer self-pleasure regardless of our commitment? Or would I stick by that commitment even when I knew it was going to be an unusual challenge?
Fast forward to Friday morning. She woke me up early to have me make love to her before her trip. She was especially self-indulgent. She had me bring her to a string of powerful orgasms. While she lay in my left arm in her state of bliss, she instructed me to jerk off for her. “But remember, no coming without permission!” she said.
Then she started toying with me. When I felt the pressure rising in my loins, I told her I was getting close and asked for permission to come for her. “No,“ she said. So I stopped.
She took me in her left hand and began stroking me purposefully. She brought me to the edge repeatedly but denied me permission to come each time I got close. One time, while I was regaining my composure between edgings, she said, “I wonder if I should let you come. Or, should I tease and deny you to start our separation off with a bang?” She wasn’t even touching me when she said it. But the mere thought of her denying me under the circumstances almost made me cum, nevertheless.
She edged me so many times that her arm got tired. She released my hardon and started running her fingers through the hair on my chest. “You jerk off for me. My arm is getting tired.”
“Yes, ma’am,” I replied.
She did give me permission to finish myself off, and I thanked her profusely. While I was recovering, he repeated her offer of open permission to masturbate while she was away.
"I would certainly enjoy that,” I responded. “But I don’t see how those orgasms would be for your pleasure.” She nodded her head but didn’t say anything.
I continued, “I’ve been thinking. I would rather keep my bits locked in my Mature Metal device while you are away. That will keep my focus on you and our commitment.”
“Good,” was all she said. And then, “Go make me coffee.”
Once we were dressed, I headed to the den for an early morning Zoom call. While I was meeting, she began making final arrangements for her trip. As soon as my conference was over, we jumped in the car for me to drive her to meet her plane.
I spent most of the rest of the day thinking about my lover. I thought about her instantaneous reaction to my choice to be locked up and couldn’t help wondering if her offer had been a test. Was she really looking for confirmation of my submission? When I got back home at the end of the day, I got my answer.
As usual, I went to the bedroom to change into comfortable shorts and a T-shirt. I found a card she had left for me on my dresser. The front of the card showed a naked man and a naked woman spooning in bed. I chuckled to myself because the man was in the big spoon position. Not the way we do it. But I bet they don’t make too many cards where the woman is the big spoon. The face of the card said, “Spooning is great, but . . .”
I opened the card. The inside said, “Sometimes I’d rather fork.” Below, she had written a sweet personal note. I finished changing and went downstairs to the kitchen to fix something for dinner. There, posted on the pantry door, was a matter-of-fact list of chores for me to do while she was away. The list included these directions:
“The maid called me yesterday to say that she fell and injured her back. You’ll need to clean and vacuum the entire house.”
“Make sure you scoop the dog’s business (she used a less subtle word) from the backyard and get it to the dump each Saturday.”
“I need more champagne when you go to Costco.”
“Don’t forget to air dry my undies.”
Looks like I’ll be busy proving my commitment while she is away. And I will be doing it happily with my junk locked in steel.
Posted : 10/07/2023 8:23 am
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Your post on July 10th left us all wondering how your two weeks went... and as you were planning to lock up for those two weeks, it may have been pretty boring to write about all the chores and mundane items from her list. But the reality of being locked up for two solid weeks probably had it's moments, as those of us that have been caged can attest.  Hopefully, your wife is back after a great time with the new grandchild, and life is back to your journey that many of us so patiently follow...


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Posted by: @grey

Your post on July 10th left us all wondering how your two weeks went... and as you were planning to lock up for those two weeks, it may have been pretty boring to write about all the chores and mundane items from her list. But the reality of being locked up for two solid weeks probably had it's moments, as those of us that have been caged can attest.  Hopefully, your wife is back after a great time with the new grandchild, and life is back to your journey that many of us so patiently follow...


Agree.  We're eager to hear from you.


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In my last post, I explained that I had the feeling that both my wife and I were going to take her upcoming 11-day trip to visit her daughter and new grandson as an opportunity to take a closer look at our respective commitments to living in a female-led relationship.  We didn’t have any direct discussions about the topic.  It was just a sense I was getting from the way she was acting and my own feelings at the prospect of being separated for the better part of two weeks. 

I began writing this update not long after she returned, but for a long list of reasons that have nothing to do with our FLR, I was not able to get it finished before I accidentally deleted the draft from my computer.  I am very sorry I lost the draft because it contained a lot of what lawyers would call “present sense impressions,” or documentation of impressions of new experiences as they were happening.  In that update, I reported on how I was seeing that my wife appeared to be more assertive and self-confident than ever, even though she was fighting some nasty bug she had picked up on her trip. 

Over the past four weeks, since she returned from her trip, she has gone through a sinus infection, pneumonia, strep throat, and a bout of Covid.  During that month, her health gradually improved and she felt a little better each day.  At the same time, the latest step in her evolution came more consistently into focus. 


It is impossible for me to retell my feelings and observations as I first wrote them down.  But, now I have the perspective of time that will probably allow me to be more concise.  Here is the story in a nutshell. 

I spent the 11 days my wife was away locked in my Mature Metal stainless steel device.  This was, by far, the longest I have gone without an orgasm since I was eleven years old.  Even though my wife has exercised complete control over my orgasms for more than a year and a half, I am very lucky that she gets great pleasure from my having an orgasm.  As a consequence, I am generally permitted a full release once or twice a week.  I think the longest she has made me wait is 7 days.

With my brain marinating in testosterone, I had lots of time to think about our FLR and its meaning to me.  I learned that I feel more contented and in love than I have ever felt in my life.  I also had time to focus on how I feel that this type of relationship has made me a much better man, husband, and lover than I have ever been in my wife.

So, it was with a combination of joyful feelings that I met my wife at Dulles Airport when she returned with two dozen roses in my arms.  We blocked the pick-up traffic as we kissed like long-lost lovers.  But I immediately discovered that she was under the weather.  She had a nasty cough and her voice was lower than mine. 

It was 10:00 pm when I picked her up from the airport and we had an hour to drive to get home.  She was sound asleep beside me before we made it to the highway.  By the time we got home, I had long abandoned my fantasy that she was going to come back home as horny as I was and ready to make passionate love.  But I was content to hold her in my arms and drift off to sleep together.  Mercifully, she did unlock me from my device before we got in bed.

But beginning the following morning, I started to see the increased assertiveness that I mentioned.  I woke up before her and got up to make her coffee.  As I was bringing it back to her in bed I wondered if she might be feeling well enough and in the mood to make love.  Thinking that she might not want to make love, I worried about what to do if she decided to let her compassionate side through and grant me a release without me being allowed to pleasure her. 

This question is a submissive’s dilemma for me.  On the one hand, I have committed to her always coming first and making sure my orgasms are only for her pleasure.  On the other hand, I have committed to following her lead – "what she says goes" is my mantra.  If she wants to feel compassionate and make me cum because she knows it has been almost two weeks since I have had a release, then who am I to say no.  When we have been at such points before, I have solved the problem by simply communicating – telling her that, of course, I will do as she wishes because she is my queen.  But if what she is trying to do is please me, I wish she would reconsider as it makes me feel that I am betraying my promise to always make sure she comes first.  

As it turned out, I need not have worried.  She was not in the mood to have me make love to her, nor was she in the mood to give me a compassionate release.  She was awake when I returned to bed with our coffee.  I climbed back in bed and she told me all about her trip.  We snuggled for a bit, and then she put down her coffee cup.  She rolled over to me and told me to put my cup down.  She then proceeded to fondle me.  I asked her if she wanted to make love and she said, “No.  I am going to tease and deny you.”  And, so she did.  I was in delicious agony for hours. 

The next morning, after she finished her coffee, she told me, “Touch me.”  Despite not feeling well, almost two weeks of going without had left her ready for some sexual attention.  I brought her to two crashing orgasms and she fell back on the bed in her “state of bliss.”  After recovering for a while, she began to fondle my balls.  Just as quickly as she started she stopped.  “Jerk off for me, but not cumming without my permission.”   

She directed my masturbation through several edges before she gave me permission to cum.  I came so hard that my cum hit me in the face.

The next morning, she had me eat her out but she denied me any relief.

The day after that she had me eat her to orgasm before she started teasing me.  While she stroked me she talked to me about how much teasing me and denying me made her not.  She edged me numerous times and gave me two ruined orgasms.  They were both totally frustrating with only a drop or two of cum dripping out onto my belly.

The day after that she teased and denied me again.

Yes.  She came home more assertive.  But she also came home more self-confident.   

It has been our usual course of making love that I pleasure her until she is fully satisfied, then I may, or may not, get a release as she desires depending on her mood.  Over the last month, she has started teasing me to the edge and denying me during the time that we are focusing on her pleasure.  Every single time, she takes me to the edge and denies me permission to cum, then directs me to pleasure her. 

Eventually, I figured it out.  One time, after she had taken me to the edge and denied me twice, but had me bring her to powerful orgasm after powerful orgasm, I said to her, “You actually cum harder after teasing and denying me, don’t you?”  She was breathing so hard she couldn’t even speak.  She just aggressively nodded her head up and down, and grunted, “Again!” indicating that I should give her another orgasm. 

It is now standard procedure for her to include heavy teasing of me as a part of building her sexual pleasure.  As she said to me last week, looking me steadfastly in the eyes with a smile on her face while she slowly stroked me to the edge of orgasm, “I wonder why I love teasing and denying you so much.”

I replied, “Because you love being in control.  Thank God, I love you being in control just as much.” 

Of course, the delight of all this is that not only does her new discovery increase her pleasure, but it also increases mine as well.

So, as I was reconstructing this post today, I thought about how the last 24 hours are a perfect example of the current nature of our FLR since the latest step in our evolution.  We are at the beach on vacation for the week.  We have a nice house directly on the ocean on a beautiful barrier island along the North Carolina coast.  Here are the FLR high points from the last day.

Mid-morning yesterday, after I brought her coffee in bed, she wanted to make out.  After about 15 minutes she said, “Do you want to lick me?"

“Of course, my Queen,” I replied.

“Then get to it!” She said.

“Yes, Ma’am,” I said with a smile.

She had me bring her to several orgasms with my tongue and my fingers after which she wanted me inside her.  She ended the session by instructing me to come with her and inside her on her last orgasm.

We got ready to head to the beach.  “Would you bring your Bose speaker to the beach so I can listen to music?” 

After an hour in the sand she said, “Come with me into the water.”

I replied, “Yes, Ma’am,” and put down my book.  We went chest-deep in the ocean and I held her up as the waves lapped against our bodies.

At midday, she asked, “Will you make me lunch and bring it back to me on the beach?”

I said, “Of course, my Queen.”

She replied, “I was just thinking of that.  I was browsing the Internet on my phone and saw a t-shirt that read ‘Let me tell you about my wife:  First, she is my Queen.”

I asked, “Did you buy it for me to wear?”

Her response was, “No.  I liked the first part, but the rest of the list was stupid.”

Later she said, “I need another spritz,” which I dutifully retrieved.

Mid-afternoon, we retired to the deck to enjoy the view of the ocean and the retreating sun.  “May I get you a glass of champagne?” I asked.

She replied, “Of course.”

15 minutes later she was talking to a friend on her phone, and she simply held out her empty glass.  I immediately got up and refilled it.  This happened three more times before she said, “Almonds, please,” which I fetched.

She repeatedly held out her empty glass for me to fill until the champagne bottle was empty.

Then we came in from the deck to get ready for the evening.  She removed her bikini bottom and reclined on the couch.  I got down on the floor between her legs and she pulled my face into her pussy forcefully.  When she had had enough, we headed for a shower.  She stopped halfway up the stairs and turned to kiss me, I could tell she was hungry for more.  I am almost a foot taller than her, so the stairs are a perfect place to make out.  She kissed me passionately for several minutes then spread her legs ever so slightly.  I reached down into her honey pot with my left hand.  Her orgasms were so strong she couldn’t stand and fell to her bottom on the steps.

From there we went out for drinks and music at a rooftop bar and had a wonderful seafood dinner of burrata, tuna tartare, ceviche, and crab cakes.  With more champagne for her, of course.

When we returned to the house, she took me to bed and fell asleep with her head on my shoulder and her arms around my body.  My erection was ignored.

This morning, I brought her coffee in bed as usual.  When our cups were empty, kissed and snuggled until she instructed me to get back between her legs and eat her out.  Once she was satisfied she administered the perfect ruined orgasm, just one dribble of semen onto my belly, before announcing it was time to head to the beach.

These were 24 hours of delight to me.  I can only hope it was blissful for her, too.  I got the satisfaction of serving her all day and watching her totally relax.  As for sex, the total was 11 orgasms for her with one orgasm, one total denial, and one ruined orgasm for me.

I like the new more assertive, self-confident version of Queen my wife has evolved into.

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I just returned from a week of vacation at the beach.  My new wife and I rented an oceanfront house on a barrier island in North Carolina.  We were able to bring my German Shepherd along with us.  It was pure joy to watch him romp in the surf and swim in the ocean.  Life had been very busy for both of us over the past couple of months and we both welcomed the break.

When we were packing for the trip, my wife asked me what I was looking forward to most about our trip. I told her that I had decided I was going to use the vacation as an opportunity to try to make our FLR the best it could be.  I wanted to really immerse myself fully in our FLR.

Those who read my post know that my wife and I have a formal understanding in our relationship that I am the alpha at work but she’s the alpha everywhere else.  My plan was to totally ignore the office while we were on vacation and not even read a single email while we were away.  This would leave us 100% in the space where she is in control of everything for the entirety of the trip.  I told her I was really looking forward to leaning into our FLR and making it the most relaxing vacation of her life.  In my last post, I related the story of one day during the trip and how I tried to spoil her.  The best parts of the trip for me were how effortless my submission was and the way in which our FLR just naturally flowed. 

I realized during the trip that the days when I would feel apprehensive about speaking directly about our FLR outside of the bedroom were long gone. In fact, there were many times during the trip when we had conversations about different aspects of our FLR that flowed as naturally as any conversation about the weather. 

When we got back into the car to head home on Sunday, we had a long drive ahead of us. I asked my wife if she would like me to download an audiobook.   She said no, but suggested we listen to some podcasts.  She told me that I could choose.

I said, “Oh, I’ve got an idea.” I did a quick search for podcasts on the subject of female-led relationships. We found one and listened to six hours straight.  My wife was completely engaged with the subject matter the entire time. Several times we got so into it that we had to pause the podcast to follow our own conversations.  We had very open conversations about why each of us finds this kind of lifestyle satisfying. We dissected our decision that I would give up masturbation without her permission and give her control of all my orgasms. She talked openly about how she loves to be in control and gets a thrill from teasing and denying me orgasms.

We also discussed the things mentioned in the podcast that didn’t appeal to us.  My wife was totally turned off by all the talk of ball-busting, humiliation, and degradation.  She explained to me her view that our FLR is about each of us helping to make the other the best person he/she can be and about empowering each other.  It’s about lifting her up, not putting me down. While I know some people would disagree with us, we agreed that we both feel that humiliating and degrading conduct toward each other would almost certainly lead to resentment.  And we both agreed that resentment is never a positive force in a healthy relationship.

I was wowed when my wife explained that she never dreamed this level of love could exist in a relationship. I asked her, “If something were to happen to me, would you look to develop an FLR with another man?”

I was touched when she shook her head and said, “No.  I don’t see that happening.”

I asked her why not.

She said, “Right now, I believe my relationship with you is as perfect as one can get.  I can’t even imagine that I could find the same thing a second time.  I think trying would only set me up for disappointment.”

My heart wanted to burst with pride.

It turns out that we are not the only ones who see how our relationship is benefitting us.  The day after we got home, we got a delightful affirmation that the happiness we are sharing is apparent to others who know us well. My wife went to visit her disabled brother.  During their conversation, he told her that he really likes me but, more than that, he is especially happy for her because it is obvious that I am helping her live her best life.

Later, she told me that she was stunned that her happiness was so obvious to him.  She shared with me that she told him he was right and went on to share vanilla details of our FLR.  She told him about how I am in charge at the law firm, but that outside of the office she is in charge of everything. According to her, she told him about how I take care of her, do the dishes, and do all of the laundry.  She told him about how I make the bed every day and bring her coffee every morning.  She told him that I seem to have an uncanny ability to anticipate her whims before she knows them herself.  And best of all, she told me that she told him she has never felt so safe in her life.

When she shared this story with me she had tears in her eyes.  It was gratifying to see how good it makes her feel to know that her happiness is obvious to others. 

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Posted by: @allabouther

These were 24 hours of delight to me.  I can only hope it was blissful for her, too.  I got the satisfaction of serving her all day and watching her totally relax.  As for sex, the total was 11 orgasms for her with one orgasm, one total denial, and one ruined orgasm for me.

I like the new more assertive, self-confident version of Queen my wife has evolved into.

This is wonderful.  Congratulations my friend.

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Posted by: @allabouther

"My wife was totally turned off by all the talk of ball-busting, humiliation, and degradation.  She explained to me her view that our FLR is about each of us helping to make the other the best person he/she can be and about empowering each other.  It’s about lifting her up, not putting me down. While I know some people would disagree with us, we agreed that we both feel that humiliating and degrading conduct toward each other would almost certainly lead to resentment.  And we both agreed that resentment is never a positive force in a healthy relationship."

while Ms. K. and I also understand that others would disagree, we believe that humiliation and degradation will definately lead to resentment, even if it were cloaked in fantasy or the age-old 'just kidding".  

Posted by: @allabouther

"And best of all, she told me that she told him she has never felt so safe in her life.

When she shared this story with me she had tears in her eyes.  It was gratifying to see how good it makes her feel to know that her happiness is obvious to others."

This is beautiful.  THIS is what it is all about.  Ms. K. came to this realization the moment that she was able to no longer feel guilty about being what was otherwise perceived as selfish.  Once she truly understood that my joy in life was being at her beck and call in order to enhance the comfort and pleasure in her life, sexually and in all other ways, she was able to feel the same level of safety.  

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It sounds like you have a wonderful wife and the two of you are nearly a perfect match. Have you ever thought about becoming an author and putting this all into an e-book?

I think you'd get a good bit of interest.

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@mickg93 Thank you for the complements.  Actually, I have been thinking of compiling the story of our journey into a book for folks who want more than a traditional relationship and wondering what it is like, at least for one couple, to adopt this lifestyle in the real world. I just wonder if I’d have any hope of recovering the cost. I have a client who publishes through Amazon and makes a go of it. Of course her books appeal to a wider audience than mine would.

I share stories about our journey in a group on Reddit and a dominant woman there has encouraged me to do the same thing.

While it would take a lot of time and effort, it would be a labor of love.  I am just concerned that I would $5,000 to do and be lucky if I recovered $500.  I really don’t know how to go about it.

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After satisfying my Queen on the morning of her birthday, she said to me, “This is the part where I get my coffee, right?” 

I climbed from the bed and said, “Yes, my Queen.  It won’t be but a minute.”  I popped downstairs and returned with a hot cup of coffee with a healthy shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream.

“You relax, sip your coffee, and enjoy your state of bliss.  I will be right back.,” I told her.

When I came back to the bedroom (still nude), I was carrying an extra-large bed tray full of presents and a cold glass of champagne and cranberry juice.  “More presents?” she asked. 

My wife only wears intimates from Victoria’s Secret (I’m the winner there!), and since I do the laundry, I have noticed that many of her panties are no longer new-looking.  By prearrangement, we had agreed that she was going to go through her drawer and pull out all the panties that ought to be replaced.  Our plan for her birthday was to go shopping for intimate undies in the afternoon and then go out to dinner at her favorite 5-star steakhouse. 

“Well just a couple of things,” I said.

She sipped her champagne and said, “Oh, goody!”  Without bothering to open the card, she started opening her presents.  She went for the familiar shape first and was rewarded with a craft bottle of gin that was infused with botanicals.  Next, she opened a deck of romantic and sexy cards with questions for us to use in continuing our mutual exploration of our relationship.  Then she went for a larger box that contained a gift designed to appeal to her assertive, in-control, self; a .22 caliber pistol with a silencer.  We belong to a city club that has a shooting range, but she’s never had her own firearm before.  I bought this pistol for her so she can enjoy being “dead-eye” without having to put up with the big bang that comes with my guns.  The last box contained a present she had explicitly requested during one of our recent conversations about where she would like to take our FLR; a set of bondage restraints for our bed.  I can’t wait for her to try these out.  She was thrilled and giggled like a schoolgirl as she tore open the box to see what the braces looked like.

The only thing left was the card which she opened as an after-thought.  But there was one more surprise remaining.  On the inside of the card I had drawn a picture of a box wrapped in a bow below the words, “One More Present.”  On the side of the box was written the word, “Nunya.” Nunya is the answer I give when she asks me what I am up to when I have a surprise for her.  The only hint that the card contained was the clue, “Be ready to go at 11:45 a.m.”

We snuggled for a while as she sipped her champagne and tried to get me to give up the secret, but I stood firm.  Eventually, we showered and got ready to leave for our day out and about.  To cover for the obvious fact that I would be driving into D.C., I put “Nationals Ballpark” in the guidance system of the car to make her think we were going to a ball game.  The automatic guidance started complaining when I took the wrong bridge into the city, so I had to shut it down.  My wife resumed guessing destinations until we pulled into the reserved parking garage at the Kennedy Center.  Within minutes, we each had a double glass of champagne in our hands as we sat down in our box seats overlooking the stage in the Opera House to watch the musical, Moulin Rouge. 

The show was great and the seats were amazing.  After it was over, we headed back to the suburbs to hit the lingerie store.   She felt like she had robbed a bank when we walked out 16 new pairs of sexy undies.  I carried the bag for her, of course.  At the steak house, the owner greeted my wife with a birthday card.  We enjoyed several cocktails and ordered some appetizers.  We shared a scrumptious Wagyu beef carpaccio, a decadent bowl of lobster bisque, and a fresh salad.  For the main course, she enjoyed seared scallops over fresh mushroom pasta.  I had a prime rib eye steak that was to die for and scalloped potatoes that were off the hook.  After dinner, they brought us a delicious chocolate cake with a candle for dessert. 

It was a long day.  As I drove us home, she reclined in the passenger seat of the car listening to Motown classics. on the stereo.  At one point, she turned down the music to tell me her day had been perfect.  I had to drive with just my left hand because she held my right hand in both of hers the whole way home.  Once we arrived, we finished the day where it began; in bed in each other’s arms.  While she slumbered with her head on my shoulder I looked back on the day.  I thought about how serving her and making her feel like a queen all day was a perfect way for me to thank her for the wonderful way she lovingly dominated me in the morning.

I smiled to myself as I ran the sexy morning through my memory. . .

I was sound asleep at about 7:30 a.m. when I felt her slide up behind me to spoon me.  I feel so safe being the small spoon in her arms.  Then I felt her hand reach over my waist and firmly grasp my penis.  She gave me a couple of strokes and then squeezed my balls firmly.

Instantly, I was awake.  Our FLR is so well established that the first thought that crossed my mind was, “My queen wants to be serviced!"  I rolled over to face her and without a word, she began kissing me.  The kissing started gently but became more passionate.  After about ten minutes, she pulled away to take a deep breath.  “Happy birthday, my Queen,” I said.

“Good morning,” she replied.  “Do you have to use the bathroom?”

“I do,” I answered.

“Well, then, go,” she instructed.  “I don’t want any interruptions.”

When I returned from the bathroom, she issued her next instruction.  “Take my top off.  And yours, too.”

I did and then dropped them on the floor beside the bed.  I rolled back toward her expecting that she would want to resume kissing.  But before I could touch my lips to hers, she said, “I need you to lick me.”

“Yes, my Queen,” was my response.  I thought about how when I used to say that phrase, the only way I could get away with it was by saying it with a bit of sarcasm.  Back then, it made her feel slightly embarrassed.  Now, I say with complete sincerity.  She knows I mean it and she accepts it happily as a simple affirmation of my feelings about her place in my life.

I immediately positioned myself between her legs.  I don’t know whether she enjoys it as much as I do, but she always allows me a few moments to deeply inhale the intoxicating aroma of her pussy.  I breathe in her scent deeply and sigh with pleasure.

My oral technique has changed since we have agreed that sex is for her pleasure.  Before our FLR, eating her out was about the destination.  Now, it is about the journey.  There is no thought of going down on her as a prelude to other activities.  I eat her pussy because she wants me to eat her pussy.  I will stay between her legs for as long as she desires.  To be honest, I am always a little disappointed when she finally taps me on the side of the head and indicates that I should stop and return to her side.

I always start with long, slow strokes from her frenum to the hood over her clit with my tongue spread as wide as I can make it.  With each pass over her vulva, I try to penetrate her folds a little deeper.  After 10 or 12 strokes, the wetness from my tongue is evenly mixed with her wetness.  Then I gently lick the lips of her inner labia where they surround her canal.  I stay here for several minutes.  I know it is time to move on when I can taste her juices running directly into my mouth.

Next, I focus on the small flat surface between her vaginal opening and her clitoris.  This is an area that I always ignored before I became such a student of servicing her with my tongue.  I never knew how much pleasure could be derived from focusing on this small spot.  If my attention elicits a deep moan, I know I have set a good pace.  If I don’t, I know I have been moving too quickly and I go start over again from scratch.

By this time, she is anxious for me to proceed directly to her clit.  She will often swivel her pelvis and force my head to bring my tongue in direct contact with her clitoris.  I may give it a quick flick, but I always proceed past her clit to run my tongue around the outside, inverted “V” of her clitoral hood. I keep my attention here for several more minutes until she cannot wait any longer and forces my mouth directly over her clit.  I love being controlled in that way almost more than anything.

This is the most exciting part of eating my wife’s pussy for me because this is when she is most vocal with her pleasure and instructions.  Occasionally, she will want to proceed immediately to give her another orgasm after one subsides.  But more often than not, she wants me to give her a minute or two to recover.  If she is too sensitive for more direct stimulation immediately, I will go back to gently stroking the inside of her lips with my tongue, then gradually move back to the small "magic" spot, and then to the outside of her clitoral hood before finally returning my direct attention to her clit.

On her birthday, she kept me between her legs for almost an hour and so many orgasms I could not count.  She finally closed her legs and rolled to her side because she was out of breath.  I climbed back up to her side and held her in my arms while she lay there like a limp rag in her state of bliss.  She lay in my arms for at least fifteen minutes.  I asked her later if she had drifted off to sleep.  She said she had not fallen asleep.  She was just luxuriating in the aftermath of her orgasms as they rippled through her body.

She remained in her state of bliss for so long that I had concluded that she was finished for the morning.  I had just convinced myself that I was going to be denied and that the first squeeze that woke me up was going to be the only attention my penis was going to get.  But I was wrong.  She rolled up onto her elbow and gave me a wicked smile.  I have learned that that smile means only one thing:  She wants to play with my penis, tease me and edge me.

She pushed me onto my back and took my rigid penis in her hand.  She gave me a solid squeeze and told me, “I am going to tease you and maybe deny you.  But, I am enjoying my relaxation.  So, I want to watch you jerk off for me and bring yourself to the edge.  But you do not have permission to cum.”

Once again, I said, “Yes, my Queen.”  I did as she instructed.  It was not long before I was close to the edge. 

She noticed that I had stopped my stroking and said, “Why did you stop?  I didn’t give you permission to stop.”

“I’m sorry my Queen, but I am very close and you did not give me permission to cum,” I said.

She pushed my hand away and took control for herself.  After multiple edgings, she gave me a perfect ruined orgasm; just one drop of semen made its way up my shaft and down onto my belly.  As soon as the danger of an orgasm had passed, she resumed.  After what seemed like an eternity of exquisite torture, she told me, “I want you to cum for me.”  The orgasm was wonderful and very powerful as I had only been allowed one release in the last 14 days.

I lay flat on my back gasping for breath.  That is when she said, “This is the part where I get my coffee, right?”

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My wife and I hit a new sexual height in our FLR this week.  I just wish I could remember where I read about the technique I used to give my wife what she described as the best orgasm she has ever had.  It was an amazing night of submission for me as well.

My wife has had to be away from home quite a bit over the past several weeks to take care of her quadriplegic brother who had to go into intensive care and her 89-year-old mother who had to be hospitalized after a bad fall.  Talk about bad timing.  It was very stressful for my wife.  When she was able to get home, she was exhausted and not in the mood for romance.  To make life as easy as possible for her, I tried to pick up all the slack that I possibly could.

Two days ago, she oversaw getting her brother transferred to rehab and having her mother discharged to go home.  She felt like an enormous weight had been lifted from her shoulders and was ready to come home.  I made her dinner as she decompressed.  She was really enjoying being back in an environment where she could be in control.  With each passing minute, I could see her mood improving.

As I washed the dishes, she came into the kitchen and instructed me to finish quickly.  “I want you to come upstairs and lick my pussy,” she said.  

“Yes, my Queen,” I replied.

I hurried through my evening chores.  She was in bed waiting for me by the time I got to the bedroom.  I lit two candles and turned down the lights.  I climbed into bed, and she immediately started kissing me passionately.  I know not to touch her in any overtly sexual way until she instructs me to do so.  She was in the mood to kiss, and we necked for more than half an hour.

While we kissed, I patiently waited for her to tell me to begin kissing her other lips.  But the only command she gave me was to remove both our clothes and get us both naked.  She resumed kissing me and wrapping her naked body around mine.  Finally, she was ready for more.  But instead of instructing me to go down on her, she rolled onto her back, spread her legs, and said pointedly, “Touch me.”

She was already dripping wet before my fingers got to her pussy.  I began exploring her folds and gently stroked the outside of her clitoral hood.  She immediately responded with moans of pleasure.  I have gotten very good at reading her desires and intentions.  I could tell she was not looking for me to proceed to passionate intercourse.  She wanted to be serviced.  She showed no signs of wanting to give reciprocity.  This session was going to be all about her. 

Since she seemed to be in no hurry, I took my time to build the strongest orgasm I could give her.  That was when I remembered reading an article about how to give a woman an extended, almost tantric, orgasm.  We have never tried it before, and all that I could remember from the article was that the man should avoid overstimulating the clitoris with friction.  Instead, the man should just apply steady pressure to the clit.

I decided to give it a try.  And holy cow, what an experience!  Everything was different; her breathing, her vocalizations, and her physical responses to my touching.  It was obvious that she was enjoying what was happening and I asked her to tell me what she was feeling.  She quickly and curtly said, “Shh.  No talking.”  It was then that I realized she was in the midst of an orgasm like I had never seen her have before.  The only way I can describe it is that my finger was like a surfboard that was riding on a building wave.  I just used my instinct to not lose the wave and stay on top.

The ride lasted for almost 15 minutes before she loudly gasped, and commanded me, “Now, a big one.”  I switched to my traditional method of rubbing her clit and she instantly had a crashing orgasm.  She came so hard that as soon as it ended he clamped her legs shut and pulled away from my hand because her clit had become so sensitive that she couldn’t bear even the slightest touch.

She was still in the midst of recovering when she turned to me and propped herself up on her elbow.  “Oh, my God,” she said.  “What the hell did you do?  That was by far the most incredible feeling I have ever experienced.”

I couldn’t do anything but smile.  “That was the best orgasm I have ever had,” she said as she threw her arm around me and let her head collapse on my chest.  “Have you been reading again?  Oh my God.”  We were able to manage a few words of conversation and then she was sound asleep on my shoulder.

My wife had clearly succumbed to sexual exhaustion.  I, on the other hand, was awash in different feelings.  My erection was raging but remained untouched and frustrated.  At the same time, my soul was incredibly satisfied because I had managed to give my wife such pleasure.  Eventually, my hard-on subsided I fell to sleep myself.

At four in the morning, I got up to use the bathroom.  My wife must have sensed me getting out of bed, because when I returned to bed she was awake.  She put her arm back over my chest and began kissing me again.  My erection immediately returned.  She pulled off the covers and began stroking me.  She brought me to the edge of orgasm and when I asked for permission to cum, she said, “No,” and let go of my penis.  She kissed me for another minute while the impulse to orgasm receded. 

Then she mounted me.  Once again she was very wet, and I slipped right into her.  She started to gently grind on top of me.  She held me close in her arms as she brought herself to two slow, passionate orgasms.  Then she pushed herself up like a cowgirl and she rode me until she had an explosive orgasm, calling out my name.

When her orgasm was over she fell to my side and tried to recover her breath.  She slipped into her state of post-orgasmic bliss.  With her arm laying limp across my chest, she said to me, “Jerk yourself off for me.  You may cum so long as you ask for permission.”

I did as instructed, and when I asked for permission she gave me a gentle kiss on my cheek and said, “Yes, you may cum for me.”  My cum shot all the way over her arm and onto my chest.   We fell back to sleep in each other’s arms.

I have tried to find that article again but have had no luck.  I really want to find it so I can read it more carefully.  I definitely have work to do.

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It has been about two years since my wife and I started on our journey of transforming our strong, vanilla relationship into something that has become a transcendent female-led relationship. Prior to my introducing the idea to my wife, she had never heard of an FLR. Admittedly, she was a bit mystified, but as a naturally gifted, self-confident woman, my ideas were appealing to her. But she had to contend with a mindset that was the product of a very traditional upbringing and her survival of a 27-year marriage to a very self-absorbed man who believed that his possession of a penis entitled him to be waited upon hand and foot by his wife. Over these last two years, she has been confronting this conditioning, one inhibition at a time.
About 19 months ago, we progressed from an informal FLR to a formal FLR. 14 months ago we reduced the fundamental principles of our FLR to writing when we got engaged. And at our wedding 9 months ago, we referenced those written terms in our vows. But our relationship continues to evolve.
Recently, we advanced two more steps toward our more perfect union. The first step related to my wife coming to a bit of a breakthrough in her understanding of my submission. Until this recent breakthrough, my wife tended to think of my submission in a way I would describe as “transactional.” One of the terms of our FLR is that all sex is for her pleasure. She has understood this to mean that I receive pleasure, or feel compersion, when she receives pleasure, and that I feel gratified knowing that she is getting pleasure 100% on her terms. But she is nonetheless a very compassionate and loving person.
She has become very comfortable that she is under no pressure to “put out,” and has gotten very good at allowing me to focus solely on her pleasure during love-making. But, even so, it was not unusual for her to ask me how I would like to have an orgasm if she had decided to permit me one. Each time she has asked me this, I would respond, “Whatever gives you the most pleasure.” She always found this response exasperating. She would roll her eyes, groan, and tell me to stop being difficult. From her perspective, she had decided that it would please her to let me cum, and, being a compassionate person, she simply wants to give me that pleasure in a manner that I would enjoy.
A couple of weeks ago, we went through this exercise again. I serviced her in the ways she desired and once she had recovered she took my penis in her hand and started to stroke me. She lovingly asked me how I would like to cum. When I hesitated to respond, she said, “I know what you are going to say. Just tell me what you’d enjoy.”
I replied, “Why is it that you don’t seem to believe me when I say that what will give the most pleasure is whatever way gives you the greatest pleasure.”
“I understand that,” she said. “But you are not hearing me when I tell you that I will get the most pleasure from giving you an orgasm that way you would enjoy it most.”
We have had similar exchanges to this at least a dozen times. But suddenly, I had an “Aha” moment. It became clear that all this time, we had been talking past each other. All this time, she has been talking about the orgasm she was granting. I was talking about the submission I was offering.
She saw the look on my face and asked me, “What?”
I said, “Can we pause for a minute and talk?”
“Of course,” she said. 
Even though we have been in a formal FLR involving strict orgasm control and household service and communicating openly, in deference to her need to confront her inhibitions gradually, we have always used especially gentle language. For example, she has been comfortable with me referring to her as my “Queen” and as “having the control,” but not with me referring to her as my dominant. She liked to think of me as her “chivalrous gentleman” but not her submissive. To her the term “dominant” implied sadism or selfishness, two things that definitely don’t describe her. The word “submissive” implied wimp, a term she certainly doesn’t think applies to me.
We have gradually begun using these two terms more frequently. This is not because she is becoming a sadist or I am becoming a wimp, but because we have talked about how they are useful words that have precise meanings in our personal context that do not involve those negative implications. In our relationship, “dominant” simply means that she holds the power. “Submissive” simply means I surrender power to her.
“I think I know why I have been frustrating to you,” I said. I took responsibility for the confusion and told her that I believe her when she says it will please her to make me cum in a way I would enjoy. But I told her I now realize that I wasn’t being clear with my answers. I told her it suddenly dawned on me that it sounded like I was contradicting her when I told her my pleasure came from her making the decision. 
I should have been saying, “I am indifferent to the orgasm. What I sincerely want most is for you to embrace my submission and act on your enjoyment of your dominance over me.” Put this way, with these new words in our vocabulary, she immediately understood what I was saying. Thinking of the fundamental dynamic of our relationship as dominance and submission is way more useful than thinking of our relationship as simply one where I put her pleasure first. She has started to tell me “I love how you love me.” She doesn’t just mean that she loves being pampered. She means that she loves the way I accept her dominance and offer my selfless submission.
She brought our conversation to an end by returning her hand to my still-erect penis. All the talk about my willing submission to her dominance had kept me hard as a rock through the entire conversation. She resumed pleasuring me but didn’t ask me about my preference. She edged me several times and finally gave me permission to release on my belly.
The second step ahead came earlier this week. I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and apparently, my movements awakened my wife. When I returned to bed, she snuggled up beside me. We held each other and I stroked her hair while she rested her head on my chest. I was quite horny because I have been denied for the better part of a week. But, it is established that in our FLR I never initiate sex. That is her prerogative. To my surprise and pleasure, she began to fondle my cock and balls. Before long I was fully erect, and my cock was dripping pre-cum. I repeatedly begged her for permission to please her with my tongue or fingers. She steadfastly refused but continued to edge me. After almost an hour of edging, denial, and begging, I was in deep subspace.
We were fast approaching another one of the challenges that exist between her dominance and my submission. As I have said, I am firmly committed to the proposition that her pleasure always comes first. In part, this is because I never want her to feel pressure to have sex or allow me a release, except when she is in the mood for pleasure herself. 
But I know she is extremely compassionate. I know she would willingly give me pleasure if she thought I was needy, even if she was not in the mood for sex. So, to make my point, I have always begged her not to grant me permission to come unless I have been able to give her a sexual release first. I tell her that I recognize that she is in control and will, of course, do what she wants, but I would rather be denied than have the feeling that she is putting my pleasure ahead of hers.
When she was stroking me that early morning, I think that she was recalling our conversation about my pleasure in submission when she decided to allow me a release. Instead of simply denying me permission to lick her or give her an orgasm, she elaborated by telling me how much she was enjoying herself playing with me like a toy. She told me that she was doing exactly what she wanted and was getting great pleasure out of teasing me. She even went so far as to tell me that she was in her state of bliss from repeatedly teasing, edging, and denying me, even though she hadn’t had a release of her own. She told me that she understood that it didn’t feel submissive to be allowed to come unless I had pleasured her first, but she needed me to understand that it was my submissive duty to allow her to tease me and deny me, or even give me a release, without talking back.
Of course, she was right. To compel her to allow me to service her before getting an orgasm was nothing more than me topping from the bottom. I realized that morning that we have finally arrived at a new level of clarity in our acceptance of our respective roles in our D/S relationship.
Last weekend we both got a fun reminder about the centrality of our FLR to our lives. We’ve been looking for a piece of land on which we can build our forever home. We visited a beautiful property with an incredible view looking down into the valley from one of the Shenandoah mountains. The view from the property was breathtaking and we began fantasizing about the home we could build there. We talked about what we would name the property if we built there. We agreed that it shouldn’t be pretentious but should have a special meaning to the two of us. At exactly the same moment, we both said we should come up with a three-word name using the letters FLR. Now that would be fun.
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