Overthinking FLR's
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Overthinking FLR's

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Ladies: I've read your thoughts on The dark side of FLR's, What will it do to our relationship?, Guilt over taking control etc. Let me give you some information that will simplify things for you: 

1. 95% (or more) of the males on this site want to be locked in chastity cages and dominated by women. 

2. 50% (or more) of the men in the general public want to same thing

3. When a man begs to be released from his cage, (though he feels genuine mounting sexual urges) he's also testing your resolve to see if you'll stand up to him and remain the dominant partner - which he secretly wants!

4. Locking him in a chastity cage, training him into gradually longer periods of enforced chastity, pegging, corporal punishment and additional lock up time for transgressions, requiring him to wear feminine clothes, and cuckolding (introduced slowly) are all normal parts of FLR's. They won't harm or unduly injure him.


5. Enforced male chastity (much like breaking a unruly stallion into a riding saddle) will only help your relationship.

Please Ladies: Stop overthinking every FLR relationship nuance. Lock him up and take control! ❤️ 


Posted : 30/01/2024 9:30 am
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