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I am 63 and my wife is 57. Several years ago I approached her about having a wife led relationship. Admittedly I came on too strong. She was understanding, but reluctant. We would talk about it over the following months. She is a strong woman, but conventional in her view of marriage and the relationship. I have always done all of the cooking and cleaning. That is what helped me realize one day my submissive nature.

Sex at times has been great, but owing to medications and now menopause she has a low libido and at one point told me I should take care of myself. I’ve told her that sex for me is about pleasing her and that I enjoy worshiping between her legs. I have found myself with pent up sexual energy, looking at porn and developing a masturbation habit. I would prefer to keep this energy pent up, remaining in a state of arousal. I don’t know how to approach her about chastity.

Posted : 25/03/2019 11:27 am
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Yo le expuse a la mía que necesita su colaboración para disminuir mi abito masturbatorio y que quería usar una jaula cuando era el momento más  propenso para evitarlo. Ella recibe entonces la llave y me libera antes de ir al trabajo o cuando quiere usarme. Como resultado el abito ha desaparecido y disfrutó la retención aunque después de unos días sin eyacular necesito ponerles para evitar derrames. El camino y la evolución hacia la castidad es lento pero soy feliz de compartir la con ella. Es ella que marca su ritmo. Saludos


I explained to her that she needs your help to reduce my masturbatory abito and that she wanted to use a cage when it was the most prone moment to avoid it. She then receives the key and frees me before going to work or when she wants to use me. As a result the abito has disappeared and enjoyed the retention although after a few days without ejaculating I need to put them to avoid spills. The path and evolution towards chastity is slow but I am happy to share it with her. It is she who sets her pace. regards


Posted : 07/05/2019 4:37 am