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I am high as I kite this morning after my fiancé’s birthday.  And when I think about it, there is no way what has happened in the last 18 hours could ever have happened two years ago.

When my fiancé got to the house last night, I greeted her with a fresh cocktail (Aperitivo Rosato, Peychaud’s bitters, Prosecco, and a splash of sparkling water over ice).  She took her cocktail upstairs to put on comfortable clothes and take out her contact lenses.  When she came back down, I asked her to have a seat and enjoy a shrimp cocktail while I made her dinner.  She chatted with me while I prepared the lobster and filet mignon.

We ate together while listening to Diana Krall (one of her favorites) on the stereo.  When we were finished I made sure she had a fresh cocktail and a light dessert while I did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen.

After dinner it was time for her present.  I had made plans to give her a pedicure.  I gave her a card and a wrapped present (an assortment of toenail polishes).  While she was opening the card and present, I brought into the room everything necessary to pamper her with a pedicure.  She was just opening the assortment of polishes with a quizzical look on her face when she saw me enter the room with the heated foot bath. 

She loved it!  She sat back, relaxed, and watched “The First Wive’s Club” on TV, while I gave her a foot and calf message and did everything else to make sure she ended up with ten bright, shiny toes.  It took almost two hours to do the job right (I am sure I will get faster with practice) and she felt like a queen. 


She went on and on about how she has never had anyone who gave her that kind of personal attention.  I told her that maybe she has never had anyone who loves her quite the way I do.

While her nails dried, I cleaned up from the pedicure and boxed everything away for the next time.  By then it was time for bed.  We retired to the bedroom where we snuggled and talked.  We kissed a little and she ignored my erection.  Eventually we fell asleep in each other’s arms. 

This morning when she awoke, I brought her a cup of hot coffee with Bailey’s Irish Cream (a weekend favorite of hers) to bed. I asked to see her new toenails.   I admired my work (not bad, if I do say so myself) and I gave each of her toes a warm kiss.

We embraced each other and talked as we enjoyed our coffee.   She told me about her plans the finish the painting in her guest bathroom today and her plans for some birthday fun with her best friend on Sunday.  Then she sat up on her elbow and looked me and announced her more immediate plans. 

“Here is the negotiation,” she said.  Although it was clear there was not going to be any negotiation.  “I have things I want to do today.  I know you want to jump my bones.  But we can’t make it a marathon session. . .” I could see where she was headed.  I listened attentively, and didn’t say anything, but I must have betrayed a look on my face.

“What?” she said.

I replied, “You want to know what I am thinking?”

“Yes, I do,” she said.

“OK.  Since you ask.  I just had a twinge of sadness, that’s all,” I told her.

“Why,” she asked.

“On your birthday weekend of all times, you let your compassion get the better of you and you forget that I want to give you whatever it is that you want at any time that you want it.  If you want to get your day started, then that is what will make me most happy.  If you want to tease me, then that is what will make me most happy.  If you want a quicky, then that is what will make me most happy.  And if you want a marathon session, then that will make me most happy,” I explained.

“Sex is for your pleasure, not mine,” I said.  “I am here to give you exactly what your want. There is no negotiation.  What you want is what you get, as far as I am concerned."

She threw her head back and rolled her eyes.  “I know.  I know.  You keep telling me that.  And I know it.  I really do.  I just know for a fact that you are horny and a part of me tells me I should give you a release."

“I may be horny, but that has nothing to do with what I want,” I said.  “I want you to have your heart’s desire.”

“OK, then I am going to get started,” she said, almost with a sense of relief.  “But, I really want to make you hornier first.”

With that she started stroking my penis and said, “No cumming.”  She took me masterfully to my “sub-space.”  She repeatedly edged me with her hand and mouth until I started begging for permission to lick her pussy.  I did some of my best work, but she would not bend.

“I told you, no!” she said.  “But you can have this.”  Several times she dipped her finger into her wet pussy and placed it in my mouth to suck on.  This only made me beg harder.

“And, how about this?” she said.  Then she put three fingers deep into her dripping pussy and brought them to my face.  She wiped her fingers all over my face with one hand while she stroked my hard cock with the other.  She had me right on the edge.  “No washing your face today!  I want to you smell me the entire day.”  This made me want to explode and I had to urgently warn her to stop if she didn’t want me to come.

Of course, she did stop for a while.  She edged me again few more times and my cock was dripping pre-cum.

“OK, lover.  Have a good day.  I’ll talk at your later,” she smiled.  And the next thing I knew she had her bag and she was heading out the door.  Possibly the most amazing tease and denial session of my life.  I don’t think I will see her again until Tuesday.  My balls are so swollen.  And I could not be happier!

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My fiancé and I had a spectacular day yesterday.  The first part was at work where I am the alpha and she is my subordinate.  The second part of the day revolved around our personal lives, her alpha space, where I am the submissive.  I think two things, in particular, contributed to the special day.

The first was that my Queen had an incredibly successful day at work.  She not only got a bunch of important things off the table that needed to be done before we head to Florida on a business trip today, but she sold TWO large cases for our office.  In fact, she is on a roll.  She has sold more business in the first three business days of September than we brought in all of last month.  We all rely on her to develop the business for the firm, and it is extremely empowering for her when she succeeds.  So, she was feeling especially strong at the end of the workday yesterday.

The second was that I started the evening already in sub-space.  The sub-space had been growing all weekend.  It began with my plans to pamper her for her birthday on Friday night.  I served her a dinner of filet mignon, lobster tail, and champagne before treating her to a two-hour pedicure at my own hands.  Of course, this service ramped up my arousal and when I went to sleep denied, all those juices just began stewing. Then on Saturday morning, my Queen administered the most intense tease and denial session I have ever had.  As a result, my arousal continued at an extremely high level for the remainder of the long weekend and into Tuesday.  Occasional teases by text and telephone kept stoking the fire.

Probably the thing that I love the most about our FLR is watching her come more fully into her power as a woman and thrilling to her growing self-confidence and comfort with exercising her leadership.  Observing my Queen at work yesterday was like watching a rocket launch.  With each success she notched during the day, her alpha female side came more on display, and watching it play out was like seeing a rocket ship soar higher and higher.

I hurriedly left the office so that I could be home before her.  By the time she arrived, I had a cold glass of champagne to hand to her and the Tiger Shrimp were ready to serve the moment she had changed clothes and removed her contact lenses.  I was feeding off of the aura of her power, including the power she was wielding over me,  and she was feeding off my obvious submission.  We weren’t even finished with dinner before she had straddled me in my seat and was forcing her tongue down my throat.  There were no objections by me.  It was obvious that I was being “conquered.”

To be perfectly honest, I know that we had some pretty intense conversations about our love and our FLR last night.  But I have to admit, that because I was so deep in sub-space, I don’t remember it all in detail.  I’d be interested to know what was happening physiologically.  From what I could tell, the level of hormones and neurotransmitters floating in my blood was somehow preventing a lot of the experience from registering in my brain.  I don’t remember all the context, but I do remember many of the high points.

In no particular order (because I just can’t remember exactly how the conversation evolved):

  1. She brought up wanting to have more control when we are in my alpha space at the office. This resulted in another conversation about how keeping me in chastity could deliver that control.  She seems to be beyond the kinky-shock that chastity once represented.  Her eyes glowed again when she thought about the control it would give her.  The only reservation she expressed was that it “must be” uncomfortable.
  2. She instructed me directly, in detail, on how I was to pack her suitcase for our trip to Florida. No “pleases” or “thank-yous,” just a clear acknowledgment that, of course, I would be packing for her so she didn’t have to do it.
  3. We talked about what I got out of watching her become the woman she was always meant to be, free of the limitations her mother and ex-husband imposed. I explained it with a story:  I said, “Have you ever been with a puppy the first time he sees snow?  Introducing you to the idea of an FLR has brought me exactly the same kind of joy one feels when he opens that back door and watches the puppy step into a totally new world he never knew existed.  We know the fun the puppy is going to have, but it is indescribably joyous to watch him experience a mind-blowing new universe on his own.”
  4. She actually cried for joy that she had a man in her life who was so supportive of her coming into her own. My heart melted.
  5. We talked about how she masterfully wielded her control over me when she teased and denied me on Saturday and how that was still having an exhilarating effect on me.
  6. She asked if we should be worried that we may have released a monster!
  7. She told me she wished she had found someone like me and an FLR when she was 40 so that she could enjoy it for that much longer.
  8. When she was totally spent, she was literally unable to speak in understandable language. She was just mumbling and clutching onto my body as she settled into her state of bliss.  I told her to remember that feeling and to remember that my goal was to give her that feeling of joy any day she wants it for the rest of her life.

I know all those things happened over a two-hour period (along with many other things), but I have no earthly idea how the conversation progressed.  My mind was pretty much mush.  I was in an extraordinary sub-space.  All I wanted to do was love her and please her.

Now, the sex, on the other hand.  I do remember the sex!  Throughout the evening, her dominance was growing and my submission was deepening.  There came a time when she was finished with talk a ready for action.  I feel like I got into the passenger seat and my lover got behind the wheel of her Ferrari and peeled out.  I was there, but I was just along for the ride.

She started by getting between my legs and using her mouth to be sure I was at full erection.  She then climbed over my body to queen me.  Her pussy was so wet and tender, that it was indescribable.  After coming on my face, she lowered herself down and placed my penis inside her.  She had several orgasms on top while she was building energy.  Eventually, she was going full cowgirl, riding me like a was a broncin’ buck.  She had five more orgasms on top of me and frankly, the last three were pretty massive (my pubic bone is still sore this morning).  After laying across my chest to catch her breath, she directed me, “Touch me.  Use your fingers.  I want a big one.”

Holy crap!  If she was expecting a bigger one, it was going to be a doozy.

She rolled onto her back and spread her legs for me.  I did my duty and paused when she told me to stop at a plateau.  Finally, I was allowed to bring her to climax.  Then she instructed me to do it again.  Then again.  She was nothing more than a limp mass in my arms when she finished.

She had nine wonderful orgasms last evening and I feel like I shared every single one of them.  This is when she slipped into that state where she was trying to talk but only blathered sounds.  Once she had caught her breath, she relaxed with her head on my shoulder and went into a kind of trance for about 20 minutes.  This seemed like it was going to be how the evening ended.  So, I got up to use the bathroom and blow out the candles.  But when I got back into bed I was in for a surprise.  She took me into her hand and started stroking me.  Then she told me to stroke myself for her, but not to cum. She took the controls again and edged me several times.  Eventually, I got to the place in sub-space where I beg her to let me lick her pussy and make her come again.  This has become the pretty obvious sign that I have arrived at my limit.  There is just no farther to go.

I was primed for a massive orgasm.  What did she give me?  She edged me to a trickling ruined orgasm where the cum just dribbled from the head of my penis.  Normally, once I have got myself back under control she finishes me off with an explosive orgasm.  Not last night.  She just denied me.  Done.  She teased me out of my mind and, nothing.  She wiped up the cum that had leaked onto my belly with her fingers and then she gently rubbed it into my penis.  She just lay there next to me, with my cock in her hand, saying nothing as I gradually lost my erection.  By the time I was soft, she was gently snoring on my shoulder.

Tonight, we will be in Florida.  What happens next? I certainly have no idea.  But I can’t want to be in the passenger seat for the ride.

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After being teased and denied on Saturday morning and then again on Tuesday night, it would be an understatement to describe me as merely “aroused” on Wednesday.  My fiancé was never far from the center of my thoughts.  She was up before dawn because she wanted to get to the office and knock out a few important things before our flight to Florida in the late morning.  On top of all her other work, she met with an important prospect and sold another valuable case for the firm.

We flew first-class to Florida for our business meetings that were to start on Thursday morning.  Once we settled into the hotel, I thought we’d have some time for relaxation and intimacy.  I was encouraged when he said she wanted us to take a hot shower together.  But when we got out of the shower, I learned that her idea of intimacy that evening was different than mine.  She was hungry and wanted us to have an intimate early dinner at a nice restaurant that we know of down there.   So, we dressed and headed out to the restaurant.  We had a wonderful dinner and ran into several colleagues from law firms around that country who were in town for the same program we were attending.  My fiancé had fun showing off her engagement ring, and we both received lots of sincere congratulations on our engagement.

By the time we made it back to our room, my fiancé was showing me lots of affection, but I know how to read her moods.  I could tell she wanted to get into bed and snuggle and have a long talk about us and our day while I held her in my arms.  I could tell she wanted intimacy.  I could also tell she was not interested in sex.  But, as they say, she makes the rules!  So, that is exactly what we did.  We got into bed naked with me already sporting a hard-on.  She nestled in my arms with her head on my shoulder.  We talked and kissed.  I rubbed her back and she ignored my erection.  In no time at all, she was sound asleep.  She deserved it.  I hope it was a perfect evening for her.

We both slept well and had to get up for an 8:00 meeting.  Generally, she wants to hit such things at full speed, so I was prepared for us to jump from the bed as soon as the alarm went off and hit the ground running.   She had a different plan for Thursday morning, however.  She wanted to play with her toy just a little bit.

When I started to get out of bed, she put her hand on my chest and told me to lie back.  She leaned over and took my penis into her mouth.  It took less than five minutes for her to bring me to the edge.  I was already in sub-space, so I begged for permission to lick her pussy or make her cum in any other way she would like.  She said, “No.  We have to get to our breakfast meeting.”  She planted one more kiss on the head of my cock and hopped out of bed.

We had a long productive day that ended with a cocktail reception for the whole group.  We broke off for dinner with two great friends from Kansas.  The program was really stoking my fiancé’s sense of empowerment, as it is designed to do for all of us.  By the time we returned to our bedroom, my fiancé was in as dominating a mood as I have ever seen her.  Possibly an even more dominating mood than she was in the previous Tuesday.

She sweetly, but bluntly, instructed me to strip and get into bed.  She made out with me for quite a while she rubbed her hands over my shoulders, chest, and back.  Of course, like always, I never proceed even to first base without her direction.  This can be frustrating for me, but it insures that I never rush her to the next step of physical intimacy until she is ready.  This night, she was already in the mood for extra bases.  When I was nibbling on her earlobe, she whispered in my ear that it was time for me to lick her.  I kissed her lips once quickly and immediately pushed myself down between her legs.  I started with my usual long, slow, extended-foreplay, tongue worship without directly stimulating her clit.  She was incredibly wet and her pussy tasted like ambrosia.  I focused most of my attention on licking the insides of her lips and running my tongue over the top of her clitoral hood. 

She tolerated this for about a minute when she told me in a stern voice that I was to “Stop fucking around with the gentle shit and get right to tonguing my clit!”

Again, she makes the rules!  So, I dove straight in.  I ate her through three big orgasms.  Between her extraordinary wetness and crushing my head to her pussy with her calves and hands, I wondered if I might pass out from lack of air.  She came down from her third orgasm just in time for me to catch a lungful of air before the stars I was seeing turned to blackness.

Almost immediately, she told me to get inside of her.  I asked if she wanted me on top or if she wanted to be on top.  She told me to mount her.  She took me inside of her and we began grinding together passionately while making out again like teenagers.  Remembering how she wanted the direct stimulation to her clitty, after about 10 minutes, I slowly pulled out and rested the tip of my penis on her swollen lips.  Using my hand to hold my stiff erection, I rubbed her clit with my wet and swollen dick like it was a sex toy until she had a crashing orgasm.  This one wiped her out. 

I rolled off her and pulled her head onto my shoulder to hold her in my arms while she came down from her climax.  Before long, she stirred and placed her hand on my throbbing erection.  She told me she wanted to see me cum.  Her specific words were, “I want to see you spray your cum all over both of us and the headboard, too.” 

She did the stroking for 3 or 4 minutes, then told me, “Take over.”  I took over the stroking while she settled into her place of bliss.  She loves to supervise my masturbation for her pleasure.  As I am required to do, I told her when I was getting close to having an orgasm, and several times she instructed me to stop.  The last time I begged for permission to cum, she granted it.  “Yes, you may cum.  Shoot your cum all over us.”  She wasn’t disappointed.

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I am the one who introduced the concept of an FLR to my fiancé (then girlfriend).  This required me to do a certain amount of leading/encouraging that could be considered inconsistent with an FLR. The alpha male in me could see the potential in my girlfriend and the value of an FLR for both of us.  But knowing when to back off and assume my correct role was a bit of a challenge.

Or, at least I thought it would be.  Once I made the decision that I needed to “walk the walk” and be extra-vigilant not to engage in any behavior that might have the effect of “topping from the bottom,” I expected that the momentum in our FLR would slow down.  I assumed that I had been setting a pace that was faster than my fiancé would naturally progress on her own since she was living a vanilla life.  I assumed that once I stopped setting that pace the inertia from her old habits would resume its influence and that very quickly the dynamic would level out where we were at the time. 

Boy, was I mistaken.  In car racing, the pace car tends to encourage the slowpokes to catch up with the pack and limits the speed of the high-performers while the stage is being set for the race.  But once the pace car gets out of the way, those high-performance vehicles accelerate immediately to meet their potential.  It seems that our FLR is the same way.  The pace of progress in our FLR has only accelerated since I turned over all control of our car to my fiancé.  I thought my fiancé was really something like a sporty Mustang GT under wraps, fast enough to have some fun, but not too far out there.  What I found is that I seem to be engaged to an F1 Ferrari without breaks.

For example, she asked me the other day if I was getting worried that I had released a monster.  And last night while she was dominating me in bed and after she had had me bring her to multiple orgasms, she exclaimed, “I DO like control!   Again!”

To me, yesterday was a perfect example of how our FLR benefits us.  We started the day in two different worlds.  I was at work negotiating an equity stake for a man I am recruiting to be COO of a business I am launching.  My fiancé’s day began with her taking her quadriplegic brother to a doctor to help address a terrible degeneration in his spinal column.  This always means having to deal with her very difficult 88-year-old mother who is the primary caregiver for her brother.  The doctor’s appointment was an utter waste of time.  The medical office was wholly unprepared for the appointment and therefore totally unable to help identify a solution to my future brother-in-law’s problem.  The transportation issues alone are enough to make someone crazy, but to go through it all and not even be able to see the doctor was infuriating.  There is no need to go into the details, but it was obvious that my fiancé’s description of the morning as a “cluster fuck” was right on target.  She was so frustrated for her brother that she was almost to the point of tears.

Being driven the way she is, once she got to our office mid-day, she was determined to complete an entire day’s worth of work in half a day’s time.  So, to put it mildly, she had a stressful day.

Because of the critical nature of my negotiation, my day was very stressful, too, although for very different reasons, of course.

In another relationship, two partners finding themselves in a situation like this at the end of a long day might deal with it by retreating to “separate corners,” so to speak (so as not to take out all their frustrations on the other partner), process the stress alone, and probably self-medicate with alcohol until falling asleep facing different directions.

For us the natural response was different.  We instinctively turned to each other.  We had originally planned to hit the gym after work and roast a chicken for dinner.  But I could tell that half an hour on the treadmill was not going to be enough for my fiancé to burn off the stress and frustrations of her day.  I asked her if she really wanted to go to the gym after work, or if she wanted something else.  She shook her head and said, “No.  I need to get in our ‘box’” (our “box” is what she calls the place where we are together in her alpha space.  It is the place where she is in total control).  For my part, I was hoping she would say this because I needed to replace the stress and pressure of my day with a total focus on giving her pleasure.

So, I said, “How about we go home where I will set up the Jacuzzi for the two of us?  I will serve you champagne and massage your feet while you decompress.”

Her eyes lit up a like a kid who was being told that Santa is on his way.

“In fact, I’ll order in, and we can share your favorite Chinese food in the tub,” I offered.

“Oh, that would be heaven,” she said, as she threw her arms around me and gave me a big kiss.  Five minutes later, she popped into my office to tell me she didn’t want to order in.  She wanted me to pick up her favorite dish from a Chinese restaurant she likes that is about 20 minutes away from my house.  She would head straight home and open the champagne, and I was to follow once I had picked up her food.

When I got home, she was relaxing on the sofa with a spritz.  I put the food out on a tray and poured a glass of wine for myself.  I followed her upstairs and while she undressed I drew a hot bath and added salts to the water.  I arranged candles around the tub and put some soft jazz on the stereo.

We luxuriated in the bath until the food and champagne were gone.  By the time I was done rubbing her feet she confessed that she was already in a state of bliss.  For my part, I had completely forgotten about my day and was already descending into subspace.

Once we were out of the Jacuzzi, she took me to bed and instructed me on how she wanted me to pleasure her.  I brought her to orgasm 5 times with my mouth and fingers.  She didn’t issue any verbal directions when I was eating her out.  She did all of her controlling by shifting her pelvis, pulling me into her with her legs, and directing my head with her hands.  But she became verbally dominating once she told me to stop licking her and start using my fingers.  I say “dominating” because she was forceful and direct.  She wasn’t harsh or abusive in any way.  It was simply as if she knew that I wanted to give her perfect pleasure and she was giving me the direction I needed to deliver it. 

After she had her last orgasm, she fell into her zone of bliss on my shoulder for almost half an hour while my erection and I waited patiently to see if there would be any reciprocation.  I gently rubbed her back and kissed her hair while she came down from her orgasms.

She did decide to reciprocate.  She roused herself, leaned up on her elbow so she could see me, and instructed me, “Jerk off for me.  But don’t cum.”  She watched me intently, and gently kissed me from time to time, while I performed for her.  She told me to tell her when I was getting close, “Because I want to tease you.”

Once I brought myself to the edge of orgasm for the first time, she told me to stop.  She took over the stroking.  She is becoming a master at controlling me and last night she added taunting.  “Do you want to cum?”  “Are you ready to cum?”  “Would you like me to allow you to cum now?”  Of course, each time I answered, “Yes!” and each time she said, “No,” or "Not yet."  Finally, she said, “Remember to ask for permission!”  I did, and she allowed me to release. 

Oh, yeah.  And we covered one more item of business last night.  We have agreed that I will wear the Mature Metal locking rings when we are not together as a symbol of our FLR and the fact that my fiancé owns my orgasms.  The locking rings are basically the Jail Bird without the full cage.  They call it a “commitment ring” and I am certainly committed.    

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My fiance is becoming a more strident dominant as time goes by. But she can still be very tender and compassionate. I was last permitted a release on Monday. On Wednesday night, we were together again. She wanted intimacy and needed attention. We snuggled and talked, but she was not looking for sex. She fell asleep on my shoulder, but was up again in the middle of the night because of stress. Therefore, I was up at 3:00 a.m. to make her herbal tea and talk to he more to do my best to draw her stress out of her. It worked. She finally fell back sleep and had a great day on Thursday. That night she rewarded me. I was allowed to worship her with my tongue for about 20 minutes before she invited me to enter her. We had slow, passionate, and romantic PIV sex for almost an hour with her having seven more orgasms (lots of pulling out on my part to keep myself under control). She finally gave me permission (in fact, I was instructed) to cum with her on her last climax. Bottom line: a pretty good day for me sexually speaking.

We both fell asleep for about four hours and I woke up to pee. The gerbils in my head were running in their wheels by the time I got back to bed and I couldn’t fall back to sleep. She woke up 20 minutes later when she sensed I was awake. She gently drew my attention to her. She touched me and made me erect. Then she told me, “Jerk off for me, but do not cum.” Long story short, she eventually granted me another release because she wanted me to sleep. It worked and in no time I was back in la la land.

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I thought I’d share a couple of things about my cool FLR weekend.  Actually, it was pretty mundane.  But, it is the fact that it was so “normal” that made it wonderful.

I was up and out the door early yesterday morning with my miter saw and tool bag in tow because my fiancé wanted my help with a bathroom renovation project she has been working on at her house.  She was at a critical point and needed to make a decision about how to solve a big problem.  She has been fretting over the problem for a couple of weeks.  The problem doesn’t really matter to this story.  It was the way we went about the problem that was worth comment.    

My fiancé was very much in control of the project but needed help in making her important decision.  My role was to talk her through the “construction” issues, point out her options as I saw them, and help her prioritize her somewhat conflicting desires.  We studied and measured.  We went to the home improvement store and studied materials.  I helped her see that once it was all boiled down she really had two distinct choices she could go with.  She realized that the cheap and easy solution she was initially favoring was not going to be as cheap as she thought and making it look really good was not going to be easy at all.  The second, much classier choice might cost a few dollars more, but would actually be much easier to implement.  After a couple of hours (she really wanted to get it right), she asked me what I thought.  I told her that I thought she had narrowed it down to two very good choices and the “best” choice depended on what was most important to her, low-cost or a high-end look.  She mulled the question over in her mind for a second or two and said, “I have made my decision.  I’m going with the high-end look.”

She looked like the weight of the world had been lifted off her shoulders.  She never pushed me to tell her which choice I would have made.  After being wrapped so tight over the problem before, now she seemed light as a feather as we got going on her solution.   She valued my input, which I appreciated, but she made her own decision.  I did have my own opinion, but I really loved helping her sort through the problem knowing she would make the best decision in the end.

By the time the workday had ended, she was feeling so strong and confident.  We were sitting on her sofa to share a couple of drinks when she reached over and took my bourbon from my hand.  She removed my glasses from my face and straddled me.  Then she started making out with me passionately.   It was really hot.  When she started grinding herself on my thigh, I asked her if I could lick her pussy.  She said, “Yes, you may.  Come over to my comfy chair.”  While she pulled off her yoga pants and got comfortable in her big soft chair, I stripped naked and got on the floor between her legs.  After she enjoyed herself, she told me to sit on the chair.  She mounted me and went full cowgirl on me.  When she goes “full cowgirl,” it is not slow and passionate.  It is about one thing – her getting off hard.  At one point she instructed me to cum with her.  It was so hot to be taken like that I had no trouble complying.

Afterward, I fired up the grill, made us dinner, and cleaned up when we were through.  She chatted with her daughter on the phone while I did the dishes.  We were so tired from the busy day that we were both in bed and asleep by 9:30.

She did not want any sex this morning.  I brought her coffee in bed and we talked and snuggled.  When we were talking about the week ahead, she said, “Next weekend, after you get back from your trip, I want you to give me another pedicure.”

I replied, “Of course.”

When she was ready to start her day, she told me to go put on my "rings of commitment" (a stainless steel device made my Mature Metal that is essentially a Jail Bird without the cage on the second ring - she carries the key to the security screw on her key chain).  

“OK,” I said.

Then she told me, “You are to set the alarm on your iPhone to go off every hour today. Each time the alarm goes off you are to stop what you are doing and think about licking my pussy.  Then send me a text to let me know you have done it.”

The change in fiancé over just one short year ago is amazing and inspiring.  Her confidence and power are intoxicating.

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We snuggled and talked, but she was not looking for sex. She fell asleep on my shoulder, but was up again in the middle of the night because of stress. Therefore, I was up at 3:00 a.m. to make her herbal tea and talk to he more to do my best to draw her stress out of her. It worked. She finally fell back sleep and had a great day on Thursday. That night she rewarded me. I was allowed to worship her with my tongue for about 20 minutes before she invited me to enter her. We had slow, passionate, and romantic PIV sex for almost an hour with her having seven more orgasms

Something about that night ? ... my wife couldn't sleep and woke up in the middle of the night (might have been the same night) and ended up riding me to at least one O before falling soundly back asleep with my arms around her. I felt like a champ and the luckiest guy in the world (she is unbelievably amazing).

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When we are together away from work situations, we are in her alpha space and making everything about her pleasure is now routine.

Last night we worked late but wrapped up about the same time.  I made sure to leave the office a few minutes before her to be ready for her arrival at home.

I had the grill heating and the flank steak marinating by the time she got home, and was ready with a cold glass of champagne and a warm kiss when she came through the door.  I made the salad while she sipped her champagne.

When the salad was ready she said, “Let’s get out of our work clothes and get comfortable.”  We went upstairs to change.  I retrieved her key to my rings of commitment from the keychain in her purse and brought it to her as s was finishing taking out her contacts.  She sat on the edge of the bath and had me pull my boxers down so she could remove the stainless steel rings.  I love her gentle caress as she hold my balls and takes out the screw.

Back down stairs, she relaxed on the sofa and chose a cooking show on TV while I refreshed her champagne and grilled the steak. While the steak was cooking I messaged her feet and she told me about the new  color she wants for her pedicure that I am going to give her next week.  

She finished eating before me and put her dirty dishes in the sink.  She returned to the sofa while I washed the dishes and loaded the dish washer.

I gave her something light for dessert that we took upstairs with us.  We had just enough time to enjoy dessert and a few minutes of conversation before she was asleep with her head on my shoulder.

She woke me at 5:30 this morning, and said, “Go make coffee and we’ll make love.”

“Would you like Bailey’s in your coffee?” I asked.

“Just a touch,” she said.

When I returned we sipped coffee and chatted about being in love.  She started kissing me and we made out for about 45 minutes.  The she told me to make her cum and give her a big one.  One turned into four.  Then she wanted to return to snuggling and sipping coffee for another 15 minutes.

“I know you are aroused, but no rubbing my back or kissing.  I just want to mellow,” she told me.  No response was required.  We did talk about how I seem to get almost as much pleasure from her orgasms as she does.

After ten minutes or so, she put down her coffee and climbed on top me.  “You know,” she said, “I get a lot of pleasure from you cumming, too.”

“I am glad for that!” I said.

I was then treated to a mix of her stroking me, supervising me stroking for her, taking me in her mouth, and finishing me off with a divine handjob that included a number or edgings.  Of course, I must ask for permission to cum.  Just as she was about to give me a ruined orgasm, she changed her mind.  She gave me permission to cum and stroked a long rope across my face.

I was in heaven.  But she kicked it up on more notch.  She spread my cum across my face, being careful to keep it out of my eyes.  Then she put her fingers into her pussy to wet them.  She then wiped those finder over my face and under my nose.

“No washing your face today,” she ordered.

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We did talk about how I seem to get almost as much pleasure from her orgasms as she does.

This!  It's quite a thing, isn't it?  In fact, once, I had an orgasm, "fucking the air" as I watched Ms. K. having multiple orgasms.  I was that aroused.

Posted by: @allabouther

“No washing your face today,”


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Yeah.  She's a dirty girl!  He he.

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My fiancé is hitting her stride when it comes to having sex on her terms.  I was in love with her a year ago.  But the woman I am I love with today seems like a different person.  Her timidity in asserting her control is almost gone.  There is still a touch, but there is less and less every month.  For example, she likes that I wear my Mature Metal rings of commitment, but she doesn’t really accept that the device is not uncomfortable.

I was in the rings for 8 straight days without sex after our last session.  We each had business trips (two different destinations), lots of pressure at work (we are launching a new business and she is fully committed to making it a success), and she needed to spend an entire day helping her disabled brother with doctor’s appointments to prepare for some serious surgery.  By last Tuesday it had been six days since we had last made love.  She was headed to my house after taking her brother back home.  It was an emotionally exhausting day for her.  She called me at work to set expectations for what she wanted for the evening.  She wanted champagne and Chinese food in the Jacuzzi with candles and soft jazz.  

I knew she wanted to de-stress and decompress. She wanted to plug into her intimate connection with me.  I ordered her favorite food and made it home about the same time she got there.  She beat me by a few minutes, so she was already drinking her champagne.  I quickly got the bathroom ready and came upstairs with the food just as she finished disrobing.  After she settled in the water, i brought her her dinner and made sure the music wasn’t too loud.  I removed my clothes and joined her in the tub.  I knew that sex would not be on her mind that night, so I didn’t even bring her the key to the rings of commitment.

The hot bath, bubbly wine, and smoothie jazz, together with a long foot rub by me, did the trick.  She seemed restored by the time we got out of the Jacuzzi and got into bed.  We talked for a while longer as she slipped into twilight and eventually fell asleep on my shoulder.

The next days was go-go all day, ending with us delivering a seminar in the evening.  It was very late by the time we got home.  She did unlock the rings of commitment, but she wasn’t interested in sex.  We cuddled and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Even six months ago, this evening would have ended differently.  Knowing that I had a whole week without a release, she would have brought me to orgasm, if only out of sheer compassion, or she would have supervised me in giving myself a release.  As it was, we didn’t discuss a release for me at all.  She would not have gotten any pleasure from it, and we both fully live by the fact that all our sex is for her pleasure.  So there were no feelings of guilt.  We just both naturally focused on intimacy without sex.

The next morning, she was rejuvenated. She did not want sex for herself (she wanted to get to work) but she did want to have some fun teasing me.  After I brought her coffee in bed, she brought me to erection and edged me repeatedly.  She finished with a perfect ruined orgasm.  It look about ten seconds for the semen to begin trickling from my penis after she stopped stroking.  She smiled as the small pool formed below my penis and she gave me a peck on the lips.  She just left me and got up to take a shower.

I have to confess that is it an amazing turn on to be getting ready for the day together and acting as if there was nothing unusual about me walk around completely rigid with a small pool of cum dripping down my belly.

It was to be another day and half before we could be together again.  My son was performing at our city club, so we met a few friends and had a delightful evening dining, drinking and dancing.  Once again, when we got home she wanted nothing more than to snuggle.  We kissed a little, but she fell asleep on my shoulder without ever touching my obvious erection.

A few hours of sleep recharged her batteries, however.  She woke me at about 3:00 in the morning to make out.  In just a few minutes she had climbed on top of my face and was queening me.  There is no question about it; my face was just a tool for her sexual pleasure.  After a couple of orgasms, she climber down and lay next to me.

She took my erection in her hand and talked to me.  ‘So, it has been ten days since you have cum.  What has it been like?” she asked.  

I told her about the constant arousal that was accentuated by the rings of commitment.  I told her about the exquisite torture of being teased and denied two days before.  I told her all my deepest thoughts about being in love with her, thinking constantly about licking her pussy, etc.  I was putty in her hands and I would have told her any secret if she had asked.   “I can tell you with 100% certainty that I have never gone ten days without an orgasm since I was 11 years old,” I confessed.

“Well, your not getting one now.  I want to tease you to the very edge.  Then you are going to lick my pussy while I lie back,” she said.

After bringing me to the edge (this is where I can be counted on to beg to lick her pussy, she rolled on her back and allowed me to worship her to several more orgasms with my tongue.  Then, she turned her attention to me for the longest teasing session she has ever given me.  It was a pleasure to watch her and be under her control because she was absolutely joyful.  She was having a fantastic time teasing me and edging me over and over.  As usual, when she is having her effect, a start begging to lick her to more orgasms.  I promised her “big ones” with my finger, and multiple orgasms if she would allow me inside her.

”No,” she told me.  “I already had six orgasms.  I don’t want any more.  What I want is to tease you.  In fact, I think you should take over for a while.  No cumming!”

Finally, after repeatedly begging for permission to cum, she masturbated me to massive release.

We fell back to sleep in each other’s arms with semen all over both of our naked bodies.

We slept in this morning and woke up when her daughter called.  It took the opportunity to go make my queen coffee.  She ended the call when I returned to the bed room, and we cuddled and sipped our morning Java together.  Then, without a word, she put down her coffee, reached for my penis, and started stroking.  Before long, I was begging to be allowed to lick her pussy.  She shook her head and kept stroking.  Finally, I was at the edge of orgasm again and begging for permission to cum.

”No.  You may not cum.  I’ll be back tomorrow night.  You can make it until then.”  I got another peck on the lips as she bounced out of bed.


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September by the numbers.

It has been fun tracking how my fiancé chooses to take her sexual pleasure since we committed to our FLR.  I use the Sex Tracker by Nice.

I started tracking five months ago.  At first, there were big changes.  These were mostly due to our adoption of our formal FLR where sex is for her pleasure and she owns all my orgasms.  For example, the number of orgasms I am allowed has dropped precipitously.

Patterns have started to emerge.  My fiancé has many more orgasms than I do.  The ratio in September was more than 5 orgasms for her for every one that I am permitted.  We engage in some sexual activity about three times a week.  I was permitted 8 orgasms in September, or about 2 per week.  She teased me and denied me orgasm 4 times last month or about once per week.

While I was permitted penetration almost one-half of the times we had sex, I was only permitted a release inside her twice in September.  Her favorite way for me to cum, when she permits it, is to bring me off with her hand.  While she did take me into her mouth more times than she allowed me in her pussy (most times it was very briefly), once again I was not allowed to cum in her mouth.  That hasn’t happened in over two years.

Her favorite way to receive pleasure is pretty equally divided between my tongue, my fingers and by penetration.  Almost every time she wants some combination of those three.  Once every two or three months she wants me to play the aggressor and “take her.”  She did not instruct me to “take her” in September.

As for trends, instances where she queens me or rides me “full cowgirl,” where she is aggressively in charge, are increasing.  So, are teases that end in denial for me.

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My fiancé blew my mind today.  

I don’t know if any other men on this site share my anxiety.  But as my fiancé and I have been at this new lifestyle for about a year, and have only been openly referring to it as a female-led relationship for six or seven months, I have to confess that I sometimes worry that what has been happening is too good to be true.  Occasionally, I recognize a little fear in the back of my mind that one day my fiancé is going to tell me that she is tired of our new lifestyle, that she was just playing along to make me happy, and just can’t get into it any more.

It is not a rational fear, I admit.  She hasn’t ever done or said anything that would indicate that she wants to retreat, but I have to admit to a little bit of insecurity.  I try not to worry about it, and I tell myself the feelings are natural because what we have been doing is such a huge change over the previous four years of our relationship.

I am feeling more secure today.

We spent the weekend together at her house so I could do some electrical repairs for her.  This morning we slept in.  We awoke about the same time.  I went downstairs to make us coffee while she relaxed in bed.  When I returned we snuggled and talked while we sipped.  We said sweet things to each other, like lovers do.  The conversation turned, as it often does, to our flr.

At one point, my fiancé turned a little bit more serious.  She told me she was having a bit of difficulty with how much I spoil her.  I told her that if she feels that way, I am happy because that is my goal.  She told me how she feels totally adored and never knew that it was possible for a man to treat a woman the way I treat her.  She’s never had it before and she’s never even heard of anybody else having it.  She asked me if I know how unique and special a man I am.

I told her that, I have learned that I am really not that unusual.  I told her I have learned from reading that there are many, many men who want to live and love the way I do, and regardless of what anyone else thinks of it, it is our relationship and we can live however we want.  She agreed.

Then she confessed that she sometimes has a fear that someday I will announce that I am tired of our flr and want to go back to the way things used to be.  I could actually see a little bit of fear in her eyes, like she was saying this to give me a chance to “come clean” and admit that I wanted to go back.

Kapow!  My head just about exploded.  I am so “all in” for our flr that the phrase “totally committed” doesn’t do justice to my feelings.  My worst nightmare would be to hear her say that she no longer wants an flr.  It literally never crossed my mind that she could be so happy with our flr that HER worst fear is that I will want to go back.  I can’t think of anything that she could ever say that would reassure me more that she is as committed to our flr as I am.

This morning, we got to a whole new level of openness and vulnerability.  I don’t know how it could possibly be, but I am more in love with this woman today than I was even yesterday.

After our conversation, made love on her terms.  She was reassured too.  She was especially comfortable and was in total control.  She had me bring her to 13 orgasms.  We ended two and one-half hours of love making with her teasing me to the edge and denying me an orgasm.  Before letting me up from bed, she took the t-shirt that she slept in (one of mine) and used the front of the shirt to wipe the considerable juices from her pussy.  She told me that I was to wear the t-shirt all day so that I could not miss smelling her and thinking about licking her pussy.


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She had me bring her to 13 orgasms.  We ended two and one-half hours of love making with her teasing me to the edge and denying me an orgasm. 

I immediately got hard (such it can be inside my cage) when I read this part.  These two sentences sum up perfectly the blissful state that a man in a WLM/FLR experiences with a Dominant woman in a loving, beautiful WLM.  The moment it is over is a state of bliss that can't be fully understood and appreciated by a "regular" man.  Having been completely immersed in sex with a woman absolutely adore and cherish, and it is completely about her the entire time, is unbelievably satisfying.  Then ... the constant state of desire that continues afterward, when she she's laying there completely exhausted and satiated, and continuing for the rest of the day and beyond, is mind-blowing.  Imagine being caged for all of that.  It's next level bliss.  The cage has a way of mentally and physically removing your penis from the equation during sex.

Congratulations on the state and condition of your journey my friend.  

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The moment it is over is a state of bliss that can't be fully understood and appreciated by a "regular" man.  Having been completely immersed in sex with a woman absolutely adore and cherish, and it is completely about her the entire time, is unbelievably satisfying.  Then ... the constant state of desire that continues afterward, when she she's laying there completely exhausted and satiated, and continuing for the rest of the day and beyond, is mind-blowing.

No kidding, @subhubphx.  Even I didn't really get it a year ago as I do now.  It has been more than 24 hours since the last denial, but sitting here now in my Mature Metal ring (she still is not interested in adding the cage) I have a feeling I can only describe as delicious contentment.  It is not crazy frustration at all.

Yesterday was the 4th time in 11 days that my Queen brought me to the edge and denied me.  She likes it and is doing it more and more often.  What is not understood or appreciated by the "regular" man is that I like it too.  I actually long for it.  I plan on writing a forum post about it when I get the time because the experience IRL is so totally different from the kinky fantasy and expectations that I had before we started our flr.  Others will probably scoff, but I know you will get it because I can tell from your posts that you are in the same state of Nirvana.

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