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Warming Things Up: Sensation play with Icy Hot™

Ice cubes, tickling, pointy things, spiky things, the list goes on and on but what about some hurty stuff? Do you ever want to tie him up and watch him writhe in discomfort without striking him? Of course you do. We’ve tried spanking, we’ve tried figging (stay tuned for this one) and as of last night, we’ve tried Icy Hot. I couldn’t wait to write to you all about this one because it was exciting indeed.

What is Icy Hot™?

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Icy hot is a menthol based creme that is typically used to treat minor muscle aches and pains. When applied to the irritated area, it first cools and then heats the area. According to WebMD it should never be applied to eyes, mouth, nose or genitals so I advise you to heed their advice when reading this blog. They certainly know better than I but I found enough support on the web for this being a safe type of sensation play. We decided to communicate about the risks and try it anyway but this is a decision that should be discussed and researched prior to initiating play. It is a skin irritant however the ingredients are unlikely to cause any long term damage if used topically and sparingly. With that said, Icy Hot and Bengay have been reported to cause skin burns. Again, please be careful and try on your arm and the arm of your partner prior to more sensitive areas. Don’t buy extra strength, regular strength will work just fine.

Can I use it as lube? Absolutely not, Icy Hot is far to intense to be used as lube. It should be used sparingly and is not meant to be ingested so it should not be used for penetrative or oral sex. Do not put it in your butt. Do not put it in your vagina. Do not put it in his urethra. Do not put it anywhere that is a hole. It is a chemical irritant produced by wintergreen plants and by definition, it will cause irritation. If you decide to play with it, you won’t die, it looks like a fatal dose would be 150 milligrams per kilogram of body weight. That means his body would need to absorb about 1/8th cup. I can’t imagine that being possible unless you slathered his entire body in it. Don’t do that. A note about heat play on the scrotum, sperm is very sensitive to heat and his swimmers may be nonmotile after a play session. Perhaps we’ve stumbled on a new type of birth control?

From r/AskReddit:
I just masturbated with IcyHot. What can I do to get rid of the pain?

Top Answers:
I’ve been there. You have to wait it out, man. 
Heh heh heh... Why would you do that?
Masturbate even more, but without icy hot. It will release dopamine.
I did it when I was 13 it seems like a good idea at the time. It is not.
You don't deserve a penis.
The pain is your lesson.
Cry and hope those salty tears wash away your pain lube.
Live with it. Otherwise your dumb ass wouldn't learn anything.

Ok I get it. This shit hurts.

Now that I’ve effectively scared the bajeezus out of you, let’s talk about what you CAN do when using Icy Hot intentionally on your partner. Apparently I am equally heartless as those wonderful folks on reddit. This is considered chemical play in the world of BDSM and is fairly common as it includes aspects of temperature play as well. To set the scene, I tied Kev in a spread eagle position on the bed with his legs and arms fully restrained. I used a spreader bar to further prevent movement of his legs because after my diligent research, I am anticipating that the chemical play we have planned for his scrotum he will make him desire movement.

Time to play

Your results will vary but I placed a small dollop of Icy Hot cream from the tube on my finger and touched it to his armpit as a test. He smiled as he felt the cooling sensation and slowly saw discomfort on his face after about a minute. Not a single safe word was uttered and he told me he was at a 2 on the Emma scale (1-10) and that was sufficiently low that I decided to proceed south. With a toothy smile and some gentle rubbing I rubbed a small amount (slightly larger than a pea) on his shaved boy bag. His adventure began with a cooling sensation that he described as comfortable and similar to cold lotion or shaving cream. I could see the apprehension on his face as he knew the warmth would be coming. We reviewed some kids on YouTube who did this as a dare so we knew that results would vary. I knew the fun was starting when he got silent and locked eyes with me. I could see a pleading look on his face but he didn’t utter a word. After about one minute he simply said, I can feel it. I can certainly feel it. I smiled and readied a warm washcloth so I’d be able to come to his rescue if I heard him utter our safeword. His legs tensed and I heard the metal of the spreader bar jingle and clank. I washed my hands and stroked his cock and played with his nipples as he gritted his teeth and did a wonderful job with our first experience into the world of chemical play. The burning went away on its own after about 15 minutes and he said the sensation peaked at about 10 minutes at a 6 on the Emma scale.


Results may vary

A quick review of the internet and with search terms like “bdsm icy hot” or “bdsm ben gay” returns some very interesting results. I highly encourage you to do more reading before putting chemicals on your nethers. We had a good time and we will almost certainly do it again. The spreader bar was key to keeping him immobile to allow me to play with his bits. If the safe word showed up, my plan was a warm washcloth followed by some aloe vera lotion. We didn’t have an opportunity to try it but next time we will undoubtedly take things up a notch as we do and who knows – Kev might try that safe word out.

Have you tried Icy Hot, Ben Gay or similar? Let me know in the comments below!



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Ended up getting a similar type of rub on my glans by mistake. Sensory overload but no damage. Have since teased a bit on the sack with intense but pleasant results. Probably should be reserved as an occasional “treat.”


Big fan. It has been used on me for silent spanking. If applied to buttocks staying away from anus opening (just as recommended in blog), it creates the sensation of a spanking and the aftermath. Given it is absorbed by the fat tissue in your butt it sticks around for quite a while. Very effective. Often referred to as a “silent spanking”, it can be administered as discipline or maintenance spanking by partner in situations where noise of traditional spanking would be a problem (staying with relatives, friends, or kids near by). You can put on a good amount safely on the butt, but all considerations listed in blog are important to follow. Capsaicin cream is another alternative that is often preferred. Capsaicin active hot ingredient is extracted from hot peppers so more natural and sticks around longer.

Two tips:

  • Definitely don’t get on any mucus membranes
  • It takes time for the sensation to come on so don’t start adding more if don’t immediately feel.



The first time my ex-wife and I played with IcyHot I was scared I was going to lose my scrotum. It was unbearable.

Once I knew I would survive if I toughed it out, it became a bit less scary but I still feared it. If I was tied to the bed and my ex-brought out the icy-hot I knew a serious punishment was coming. It only happens a few times but I would always beg to my heart’s content while she smiled and went to work slathering it all over my cock and balls while telling me why I was being punished. Long after an icy hot session all she’d have to do is suggest it to keep me in line. We’re not together any longer and my current Mistress isn’t interested in that kind of play, but I keep a bit around for self play. A few q-tip stabs of icy-hot in between the bars of my chastity cage bring back the memories.

Ric C

Several times my wife would have been cutting hot peppers, then come put her hands in my pants, fondling my cock and balls. At first I think she is being cuddly, but in seconds I know different.

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