Prostate Massage

Prostate Milking: Poking around for fun and profit!

Prostate milking is also known as prostate massage or prostate stimulation and involves stimulation of the prostate gland. Prostate milking is often done for sexual pleasure and can be a part of various sexual activities, including solo/masturbation and partner play. The stimulation can be performed externally by pressing on the perineum (the area between the scrotum and the anus), or internally by inserting a finger or a device (dildo, butt plug etc) into the anus to reach the prostate gland. Some people find that prostate stimulation can lead to intense orgasms and heightened sexual pleasure.

Prostate milking can have health benefits such as better blood circulation and fluid drainage from the prostate, potentially reducing the risk of certain prostate issues.

It’s important to note that engaging in any sexual activity, including prostate milking, should be done with proper hygiene and care to avoid discomfort, injury, or the spread of infections. If you’re considering exploring prostate milking, communication, consent, and education are key. According to WebMD; it’s a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional for guidance. I can’t quite see someone going to see their primary care provider and asking for a how-to on prostate massage.


Prostate play can be part of a Dom/sub dynamic where the male sub is restrained and made to ejaculate from a combination of stimulation of the penis and prostate at the same time, or in many cases through stimulation of the prostate alone. From the intellectual side of things, this physically and psychologically changes the sexual dynamic. Culturally, men are socialized to see penetration and orgasm/ejaculation inside their partner as powerful, dominant, and good. The man instead being penetrated, and ejaculating without a strong orgasm, outside of their partner, inverts that paradigm, which often makes the sub feel incredibly controlled and submissive.

There may also be an element of humiliation since we are generally cultured to see men as active penetrators and women as passive receivers. In some cases, being stimulated by a toy (especially a toy the resembles a phallus) is feminizing and/or possibly homoerotic. (Many men have homoerotic urges that they suppress, or even are unaware of, that can be much more safely explored in a FemDom dynamic.


When a male with a penis has a normal orgasm, there is a refractory period where sexual responsively and interest greatly diminishes, at least for a short while. The most interesting and plausible biological explanation for the refractory period is that getting semen into the uterus is adaptive, and after ejaculation, further thrusting will cause the glans to draw semen away from the uterus.

With prostate stimulation, by contrast, the sub may experience some of the rush of orgasm, or (especially if there’s been little or no stimulation of the penis. The male may ejaculate as normal, a small amount of semen may sort of dribble or no visible semen at all.

Generally, after such an orgasm the male doesn’t experience much or any refractory period at all and may still feel as horny or more horny than they did prior to ejaculating.

In the broader context of orgasm control, male chastity and orgasm denial, it’s common for the dominant female to use her control over her submissive to pleasure to lure them into obedience. Many submissive males who are not in control over their orgasms feel that after a few days, their sexual urges become laser-focused on pleasing their dominant partner. Many couples experience that, when the submissive male is let out and given a normal orgasm, the intensity of this dies down, sometimes dramatically. Because of the nature of the prostate ejaculation, though, many couples report that when they are or forced to have a prostate orgasm, they do not experience the same loss of interest. So that is a powerful benefit for many pairs as well.

The prostate is an underrated source of sexual pleasure for men, similar to the female g-spot. Studies suggest that prostate-induced orgasms may produce more intense and satisfying stimulation than penile stimulation if done properly. Figuring out the riddle of the male p-spot isn’t as easy as stimulating an orgasm using his exterior parts but it is easy to learn. Here’s a quick primer on giving a prostate massage or milking.

Prostate Massage Illustration
  • I recommend a rubber or latex glove as it makes cleanup easier and prevents your fingernails from irritating his insides.
  • Apply lube around his bum and on the finger you’re using.
  • Gently insert a finger and feel for a round lump a few inches inside the rectum toward his navel. It feels like a fleshy bulb of tissue and it feels different than the area around it.
  • You may need to withdraw your finger and re-apply lube several times throughout.
  • Press or massage the gland with the pad of your finger. Keep going for as long as you or your partner wishes––or until orgasm is achieved. 
  • Don’t forget to discard the glove when you are done.

There are many ways to do a prostate massage, including with a partner, by yourself, or with a prostate massage toy. You can also perform an external prostate massage by rubbing or putting pressure on the perineum, the spot roughly halfway between the scrotum and anus. 

No matter how you do it, this is a fun way to bond together and give him a new and exciting way to experience pleasure. Give him one and he will beg for more. Have fun!



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“With prostate stimulation, by contrast, the sub may experience some of the rush of orgasm, or (especially if there’s been little or no stimulation of the penis. The male may ejaculate as normal, a small amount of semen may sort of dribble or no visible semen at all.

Generally, after such an orgasm the male doesn’t experience much or any refractory period at all and may still feel as horny or more horny than they did prior to ejaculating.”

This is truth and now that you have learned the truth, it is wisdom.

A wife that takes the time to understand the importance of using the prostate in her Wife Led Marriage, is a much happier Wife because she has a much happy submissive husband. Prostate orgasms are amazing and likely not understood enough by most people in WLM/FLR. Especially those couples starting out. Prostate orgasms, like ruined orgasms, are such underrated and under-utilized tools in WLM.

Absolutely loved the “Cruel edging session” video, although it isn’t technically edging because she allowed him to go past the edge. That said, it is a wonderful representation of what a prostate/ruined orgasm looks like, and as hot as that was, he’s still horny after it is over.


Great comment. I agree.


In my experience. You are exactly correct. I remain very horny after ejaculation via the prostate and no genital stimulation. The attention to my dominant is not lost. Rather strengthen.
Psychologically a woman is teaching a man. Another of control and physical compliance without genital stimulation. This is VERY powerful and useful. Why? This process shows men. That women have the power to have them ejaculate without orgasm. It is confusing and a bit unsettling. That shows him. She is completely in CHARGE.


Prostate orgasms are amazing. When my wonderful Wife gives me one or more, especially during pegging, it gives me a wonderful feeling of belonging to Her.

That’s a feeling I just don’t get when She permits me to have a “normal” orgasm, even though She has discovered how to short-circuit my refractory period.


I’ve always had a (straight-hetero) fascination with anal. How do you or how would you approach your woman about this? I need advice, pointers. How do I get my woman to even consider this? That’s more the question. I would love to fully surrender to receiving from her.


I’ve read a huge amount about prostate milking and even invested in an Aneros Ice but have never been able to achieve an orgasm through prostate massage which is supposed to be totally mind-blowing experience. Does anyone have any practical advice they can offer for a successful outcome? I feel as though I’m missing out 🙁

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