Barbie Male Chastity

Male Chastity: Barbie Movie Inspired Locktober 2023!

The Barbie movie made me think about the world and what it would look like if it was built by women, for women. We all know it isn’t and we are in a place where we are rewarded for competing against each other. We’ve been short changed and beaten down by a patriarchy construct for generations. In the Barbie movie, women are decisive, breadwinners and the Kens are submissive and obedient. While I found it enlightening and empowering for women, I also felt like it expressed a positive feminist message but I wonder if the message was lost by the male viewers. The social dominance of females may have been unsettling for some men and that is my favorite part!

Girls can do anything and that includes locking up their partners penises.

Barbie (not really)

With that said, I propose that Locktober 2023 is inspired by the Barbie movie. If you dragged your partner to the movie, this is an opportunity to drag him to another activity that will bring to light new relationship realizations over the course of the month. Encourage him to prove that your relationship is about more than sexual conformity and demand that he show you he is stronger than the social constructs. The subconscious influences of the Barbie movie are enough to make us consider even just for a moment that there may be something else guiding our partnerships.

Did I love the Barbie movie?

No, I didn’t. In fact I didn’t like the way men (Kens) were portrayed as unimportant and incompetent. While I consider myself a feminist, I don’t consider myself a female supremacist and I got female supremacy vibes from the movie. I think gender and sexual identity is a social construct and sex is a physical condition. Male chastity is a wonderful vehicle for a couple to gain a deeper understanding of their sexual dynamic. While chastity may be lifestyle for some, most will simply find it a fascinating sexual experiment to enjoy together.

Male Chastity Barbie


Purchase a male chastity device from a reputable online store. If you choose to purchase from our recommended site, be sure to use evolve10 to for an exclusive discount. Be sure to measure carefully for a good fit. Ordering devices with extra rings will allow you to adapt the feel as he grows accustomed to the fit over the course of the month.


Start slowly by experimenting with locking him up for a few minutes, a few hours and then a full day. After each unlocking, be sure to shower him with praise and give him sexual attention. Remember that aftercare for anything is key and sexual reassurance and encouragement is a wonderful thing. During his first overnight lockup, he will likely wake in the middle of the night with an uncomfortable morning wood. A quick trip to the restroom is the easiest way to resolve this, urination will empty his bladder and cause his erection to subside.


Throughout the month, be very attentive to his needs and experience. His penis has been unlocked and free roaming for his entire life so having his penis under lock and key will be an emotional experience. Having an emotional experience with sexuality may be new and uncomfortable so your support is tantamount. Will he get frustrated? Yes. Will he cry? Maybe. Will he want to end it early? Very likely.

Image 2

What did you think of the Barbie Movie? Do you think this blog will get me sued by Mattel or do you think they will realize that Barbie’s image is being used in the spirit of satire? Will I upset the Kens? Will they revolt, steal Barbie’s Corvette and burn down Barbie’s Dream Home? Thanks for reading, feel free to answer any of these questions or ask your own in the comments below.



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As a caged submissive sissy husband living in an FLR, and a feminist, I have a bit more sympathy with female supremacism than this article. Given the attitudes towards and repression of women around the world, Barbie has the right idea and I’m sure that with a more adult certification Ken would be doing Locktober.

Looking at the world’s female leaders during the Covid epidemic, it was telling that they followed the science while many male leaders prevaricated or plain denied the problem, resulting in far fewer deaths in those countries. I also can’t help thinking that women leaders would be far less likely to go around starting wars.


Miss Emma,
While I haven’t seen the movie, I have to say I love the artwork at the end of this post!

Is it your work? I’d love to see an alternate version with Ken still on his knees, but caged, and Barbie wearing an oversized strap-on dildo. In matching pink, of course.

Semi-related, Pegging would then be a great Step 4 of Locktober, on Halloween night, with a subtle reminder from the participating Barbies of the world to their Kens that if you don’t agree to try it, the cage doesn’t come off tomorrow.


The Kens, while entertaining and fun, really lacked depth. As a female empowerment movie (switching gender roles), I didn’t feel it played well at the current state of women. Modern women have depth that is suppressed by the system. Patriarchy diminishes the ability to enjoy who people are and our relationships. Therefore, I was hoping for more gender equality/development (while still living in a woman-driven world).

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