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The Sex & Psychology Podcast: Dr. Justin Lehmiller

I’ve got a few blogs that I am in the middle of writing but I’ve been meaning to post about the Sex and Psychology Podcast for some time. This is an excellent podcast and will absolutely make you a better partner and a better lover. If you are a sex geek like me, you will love learning about why behind some of the things that you hold dear. You can find more information at

The Sex and Psychology Podcast, hosted by Kinsey Institute Research Fellow Dr. Justin Lehmiller, is here to help you understand the most important sex organ in the entire body: your brain. Each episode offers a deep dive into the psychology of sex and relationships, drawing upon expert interviews and Dr. Lehmiller’s extensive body of research. The Sex and Psychology Podcast is the sex ed you never got in school–and won’t find anywhere else. Catch up with the latest episodes below, and subscribe on your favorite podcast platform to keep up to date.

Dr. Lehmiller gets some excellent guests on the podcast and his interview style is well organized and clear. His interview style prompts the guests to fully explain their content without overshadowing them with his own thoughts.

Below are a few of my favorites episodes in no particular order. If you see a title that strikes you, give it a listen and you won’t be disappointed. You can find the full list of podcasts here.


The host of the podcast, Dr. Justin Lehmiller is the author of the book “Tell Me What You Want”. I’ve read the book and recommend it as a great way to enhance communication in and out of the bedroom.

Tell Me What You Want

Some of the content may not apply directly to you but the guests are always interesting and you can grab something from nearly each podcast that will enhance your love life or your understanding of yourself. To draw a parallel to my own style, Lehmiller looks at sex through a scientific eye first. He also shares my frustration about the lack of scientific studies around sex, sexuality and relationships. The difference is his approach about actually facilitating studies at the Kinsey institute instead of just blogging about it like I do. ?

Do you have any other podcasts that you think readers of this site would enjoy? Leave them in the comments below. If you like podcasts, you might also check out the Kristine’s FLR Podcast.




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Listening now. Diving in head first!


Decent podcast. Guests seem to have good expertise in the topics at hand. Host’s voice tone, pace, and discussion style are all great, though his lisp-S’s are almost intolerable for me.

Thanks for sharing.

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