Sarah'S Experience

FLR101: Sarah’s Experience – Chapter 4 “Success!!!”

Sorry for delay in my posting but some things came up in the family which distracted me (nothing too serious fortunately).

Well I guess everyones big question is – did he make it through his first 7 day retention cycle? The answer is a big and happy Y-E-S!!!!! hooray!!!!!

It was close though, we almost had an unauthorized spillage during our Saturday session which almost put a kibosh to his first good cycle. Saturday he was in the process of giving my second orgasm – thats my new standard following the start of this program. I know thats not a Yoga Girl nine but for me thats a pretty good number from where I was at. We’re working on increasing it. The slow methodical thrusting we do in the T position I think is leading that way. Its giving time for my body to get fully aroused and its giving me the time to build to these wonderful new shiny orgasms! Anyhow Saturday night I think he was getting a bit cocky with me and he yelled out that he though he might have overdone it! I panicked and did my “pull it out of my ass Yoga Girl impression”, and grabbed his balls and yanked! Good new was that it prevented his spilling (it really does work) but bad news is that it put him out of commission for the rest of the night so I didn’t get number two. Sorry Peter I really didn’t mean to hank them quite so hard (or at all) I just somehow responded with that when he yelled out. Then I responded with that and then he really yelled out! Anyhow it saved Peters bacon and he lived to retain another day. In retrospect while I may need to work on my technique for that preventative maneuver – I don’t want to castrate the man…. I did prove that its a viable corrective action to that situation. So lesson learned. I need to pull less hard – and he needs to not do anything which will result in my pulling. So live and learn Peter…..


I woke up very early Sunday morning- probably worried about the damage I may have inflicted on poor Peter, and I reached over and gave his poor little soldier a feel. To my relief the little guy wasn’t all that little and seemed to have made a nice recovery. Peter had quite the nighttime stiffy going. I gave his balls a tender little pat and went back to bed without waking him. While I was falling back asleep I planned out Sunday.

 Later Sunday morning I was downstairs making breakfast when Peter walked down from the bedroom. I apologized to him again (I really did feel quite bad about it) and then smiling – told him to take off his sleep clothes. I told him that I needed him buck naked for the rest of the day to keep a better eye on him. Actually given last nights situation, that morning when I woke up I had dug through my lingerie drawer and found some red satiny panties that were close to retirement age ( I knew having Peter wear them was going to ruin them for good). I felt that given what had happened I owed it to him to give his guys a bit of support for the day – so not quite naked but pretty close. He objected a bit, but I spun him around and gave him a quick hard spank and said put them on – now! He complied 🙂 He looked ridicules but I loved it. We’re not really into the cross dressing thing too much, but from previous play I know that he secretly finds wearing my panties quite stimulating. He’s embarrassed by it and wont admit to it – no way, but I always point out his hard on when he’s wearing them – so he shuts up because he knows I’m right but he get a little steamed knowing that I know his little fetish secret. So with a bit of expertly timed encouragement on my part throughout the day he spent most of Sunday hard as a rock poking out from his cute little panties. When I would see that occur I would tuck his cock down between his legs and then give him a little pat on the butt and send him away to do whatever. But he spent most of the day with a wet spot covering the front of his little panties. Finally Sunday night rolled along – I could tell he was dying for it (so was I to be honest) but I had a lot of fun edging him throughout the day. I knew he was going crazy from the retention and my pantie play wasn’t making it any easier for him.


I took a nice long bubble bath that night and then pulled him into the tub. I gave him a nice clean up with the wash cloth taking extra time to clean his beautiful little cock. Finally we got out and dried off. I got on the bed and then I pushed his face between my legs which is where I like him to start out. It puts him in a good frame of mind I think. I can’t cum from oral alone but I do like the feeling of his tongue there. Its a nice start for me. Anyhow after a warm up we went into the standard T formation and I had him very carefully give me my now expected 2 orgasms. I didn’t want to blow the night for him so I coached him along to a nice very slow fuck session. It was wonderful, especially knowing that all he wanted at that point was to be allowed to cum. After my two I said, well you’ve earned your turn. How do you want to get it (as if I didn’t know). He put me on all fours and did me from behind. I didn’t let him get off so easy though. I made him thrust into me on my command. IN and OUT on my very slow command for quite a long time. When I felt him getting close, I stopped the action. I told him that I needed to see him cum so I got on my back. I wanted to look in his eyes when it happened. I told him that I needed to inspect his load, so he had to pull out of me at the very start of his ejaculation and he was to cum all over my pussy. I then let him go to town. About 5 seconds later 🙂 he came like a fire hose. He pulled out and sprayed me like he never had before. It was a volcano erupting!!! I had hot white cum all over me. We both started cracking up laughing. Finally we both got it in check. I reached down and grabbed a big glob of his cum on my finger. I slowly put it too my nose and took a deep breath of it. I then slowly put my finger inside my mouth and sucked it clean. I then repeated that one more time. Surprisingly. It was pretty darned good. It wasn’t Culvers custard but it sure was much better than what I have tasted from him in the past. The volume was immense much more than anything he had done previously – I would say by a factor of like 4 to his normal output. The smell was pretty good. Normally his semen smells a bit like beach with ocean mixed into it. Tonight it was all ocean – not bad. Normally his color is tinged a bit to the yellow side (yuk). Tonight it was a very nice milky white throughout. Taste was acceptable. Bland like you described Yoga Girl. Much more so than normal. Not my favorite food but not bad tonight! Knowing his sacrifice of 7 days I think made it taste sweeter than normal. I then grabbed another finger full of cum and this time put it to his lips. I told him that he needed to be a good boy and taste what he tasted like after 7 days. From past little tell all exchanges between us – you tell me something naughty and I’ll tell you something naughty back – he had told me that he had occasionally sampled his own product. He didn’t like it, but sometimes he felt in the moment enough to taste it after masturbating. So I knew he had his own baseline. I wanted him to know what 7 days tasted like so he would experience the difference. HE would then know that I totally would be 100 accurate when I told him that I knew what 7 days retaining looked like, smelled like and tasted like. He better not go back on his promise to retain since I would knew better, and I can now prove his faithfulness to me and our new program. So this is my plan at least for the foreseeable future. Were both going to have our little taste tests when he finishes each cycle. We’ll both build up to establishing what a new 7 day baseline looks like. So if he gets tempted well both know if he only went for only 2 or 3 days. Peter – your correction will be severe if you ever cheat on me. I will know it in your eyes, hear it in your voice and see it in your emission. So be a good boy!

Finally after doing our little taste test, I took his remaining cum and spread it over his dick.. I then got back on all fours and let him have an orgasm inside me. I don’t know how this fits with the retention program, if its ruining it by letting him cum too much (is twice in a row a negative to the spirituality of this program) please let me know your thoughts on this Yoga Girl. I enjoy feeling him pulse inside me – so thats why I did it. But I don’t want to ruin the effects of the program if this shouldn’t happen. After that we cleaned up a bit with a towel, spooned and went to bed.

So that’s what his first cycle looked like. It was pretty special to us both. He IS feeling bigger to me with his retaining. He is definitely building his stamina up, he just needed someone to help pace his efforts. The extra slow measured time is helping build my orgasms and allowing me to have them. So far this is all very great and I am excited by it all.

This is one of a few blogs that were published by Yoga Girl at her website at This site is now offline but all credit goes to her. There were no archived comments but feel free to leave your own comment!



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