Sex Doll Humiliation

SDH: The Joys of Sex Doll & Fleshlight Humiliation

Using a sex doll in the bedroom is typically considered a thing to do in the absence of a partner but what about including a sex doll with your partner as an element of humiliation. Sex dolls, pocket pussies and Fleshlights are not a humiliating experience in and of themselves but when you combine them with elements of humiliation in your relationship, they can be quite fun and entertaining. This borders greatly on small penis humiliation and other types of humiliation but since it relies heavily on a sex doll, it wraps many of those elements into one exciting new relationship wrinkle. This is all neatly packaged into a broader overarching concept of husbation.

Why Humiliation?

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Humiliation can be a escape from reality and while it may seem unconventional or uncomfortable to some, it can be highly arousing to others especially in the context of adding new excitement for long term partners. The appeal of erotic humiliation can vary from person to person, but here are some factors that may contribute to its appeal for some individuals; power dynamics, emotional intensity, taboo, transgression, emotional release, trust and intimacy. In fact, 37% of respondents in this Harvard study stated that they have engaged in a role play fantasy of some kind. Fetishes are a healthy form of self expression that couples can enjoy together. That’s right, fetishes like humiliation are healthy and a great outlet to build and support the foundation of intimacy in your relationship. Repressing sexual fetishes can generally be more harmful than expressing fetishes in a safe environment.

Some reasons that your partner may find humiliation arousing:

  • Giving control
  • Taking control over an insecurity
  • Immersing ones self and eliminating distractions
  • Working through sexual inhibitions
  • Arousal through trust and vulnerability
  • Mental, emotional, and physical release after stress
  • A feeling of mental and/or social rewards
  • Knowing they are still loved even if humiliated

Budget & Selection

The first step is to purchase a sex doll or toy and they vary in price from very inexpensive (under $50) to very expensive (thousands). I would highly recommend starting small and building on that if you enjoy the sex toy humiliation role playing. We select a small sex doll with a torso and breasts but you can go as small as a Fleshlight which is portable and easily concealed for storage or discretion. We don’t have much experience in this area but from the reviews I’ve seen the heavier the better is typically the rule. Also make sure that you use the correct type of lube to not break down your sex doll. You should absolutely not use any lubes that are oil based, they will destroy the material.


Getting Started

So you’ve selected a toy, and now on we need to pick out a name. He should not select a name, you should select a name for him. I just googled “stripper names” and got a very nice selection. Ours is named Crystal, we don’t know anyone with that name and she has a sexy appeal to her name so we went with it! Remember that Crystal is your sex slave and will do all of the sexual things that you don’t want to do and thanks to Crystal no longer need to do anymore.



Humiliation is key to this fantasy because it is the entire purpose of the fantasy but it can be challenging to be creative especially if humiliation seems difficult or out of character. Remember that you are in charge of this fantasy and driving the degradation train. Here are some ideas of things that you can say or fantasies that involve your new sex doll.

  • I’m going to play with something big as you grab a vibrator, why don’t you go get Crystal and show her what your tiny penis feels like.
  • I set Crystal out on the bed, before we go to dinner please get rid of your icky sperm in her and clean her up.
  • I want you to wear panties while you fuck your pathetic rubber doll you worthless excuse of a man.
  • Come over here with your cock cage. I want to take a picture of your locked cock next to Crystal. You can’t even fuck a rubber doll because I’ve got your cock locked up.
  • It is so cute watching you fuck Crystal.
  • I know Crystal is only a doll but do you think she would be able to feel anything from that tiny penis?
  • My dildo feels so good, go fuck your girlfriend Crystal in the other room with your puny little dicklet while I play on our bed with something superior.
  • Are you able to feel anything when you are inside Crystal? I think she was made for someone with a normal sized cock.
Riley Reid Utopia3 800X800 1
  • You can keep fucking Crystal as long as you keep telling me how much you want me to fuck other, larger and better men. You need to be speaking the entire time you are fucking Crystal or we are stopping. Do you understand?
  • My boyfriend doesn’t want to share my pussy anymore, after all you have Crystal. Right?
  • Look at you go love, you show Crystal what a big stud you are! 🤣
  • Make him dress Crystal up in sexy panties or even go shopping for her.
  • Just be glad I’m letting you fuck anything with that worthless penis.
  • I love having Crystal in our life, I don’t want to worry about leaving sex with you completely dissatisfied ever again.
  • Get a ruler and tell him if he is a length slightly longer than what his penis is, then he can fuck you. Otherwise his tiny cock gets Crystal.
  • Have him suck your strap-on while he fucks Crystal. If he stops sucking, he must stop fucking her.
  • You are not allowed to cum unless you ask me permission first. I may or may not be feeling generous. If you cum without permission, that is an hour of corner time tonight.
  • I’m going to text my boyfriend while you fuck your little friend Crystal. Watching you does nothing for me so it really isn’t worth my attention.
  • Eat Crystal out, if you do a good enough job I’ll let you fuck her.
  • After you cum in Crystal you need to eat her out and clean her up. Get down there and take care of her.
  • Make him wear crotch-less panties, makeup, a wig or very feminine clothes while he fucks Crystal and make fun of how he is a pathetic sissy who isn’t man enough to fuck his own wife.
  • Put this XL Magnum condom on and fuck Crystal, show her how small and worthless your little thing is. I bet you can’t even keep it from falling off.
  • Make him use condoms for Crystal.
  • Hold Crystal as he pumps into her, make noises and comments like “aww”, “this is so sad” and “you are so pathetic”.
  • Make him maintain eye contact with you while he fucks her. If he breaks eye contact other than blinking, he is done for the evening.
  • Offer Crystal as a reward for an hour or two in corner time or as a reward for other things in your female led household.
  • Make him beg you to cuckold him while he fucks Crystal.
  • While locked up, make him use a strap-on to fuck Crystal. Make fun of him for not even being allowed to fuck a toy.
  • Make him tell you that he is a beta, loser, cuck or whichever derogatory terms you like to use while he cums inside Crystal.
  • Too bad you aren’t even able to satisfy your wife and have to resort to getting you a sex doll. Do you realize how pathetic this entire situation is? Look at you.
  • Can you imagine if all of your friends knew that you fuck a doll because your wife doesn’t want you anymore?
  • My pussy is right here and nothing about me even wants you. I need to find real men to make up for your shortcomings.
  • Invite a friend over (male or female) to watch him fuck Crystal together. He should introduce Crystal to your friend and clean up afterwards of course.
  • I want you to fuck Crystal and with each thrust tell me something about how inadequate you are. No comment, no thrust.
  • Come over here love. Here is your key. Unlock your cage and fuck Crystal for a few minutes while I get ready for my date with my bull. Lock up when I say so.
  • While he is fucking Crystal, make him watch gay, sissy or transgender porn. If he breaks eye contact, he is done for the night.
  • Lock his legs and arms up so his only allowed movement is to thrust into his sex doll.
  • If you have a cuckold dynamic in your relationship, you can have a foursome with you and your bull watching your husband fuck Crystal while the two of you enjoy each other.
  • Paddle or flog his bare bottom while he plays with Crystal.
  • Squeeze his balls firmly as he empties himself into Crystal.
  • After some CBT, ball busting or paddling his testicles will be very sore. I wonder if he can get off with Crystal or if his little balls are so worthless after a CBT session that they can’t even please Crystal.
  • Pull up a photo or print a picture of someone that your husband would not want to fuck such as his mother and make fun of him for fucking this “person”.
  • Peg him while he fucks Crystal (this one is FUN).
  • Have another man use the sex doll and make your husband use it second or third.

Sexual Control and Dominance

Fleshlight Girls Alexis Texas Outlaw6 800X800 1

Sexual dominance and control is an exciting part of SDH. Telling your husband when to be aroused, what to fuck and when is fascinating. Kev had some things come up at his work and after talking through them he was feeling sad and moping around a bit. I unlocked him and told him to go fuck Crystal and come back with a better attitude. He went to the other room and I heard him pumping away at his little rubber girlfriend to come back with a smile on his face. He even took the liberty of locking himself up and thanking me as he handed me the key. You’re welcome, my beautiful husband.

There is nothing more humiliating and degrading than watching your husband wearing panties fucking a sex doll while you rile him with ridicule. Once he finishes, watching him slurp up his little cummies from inside his doll. Once he is done and basking in the glow of post nut clarity it is a great time for you to pull your toy out and pleasure yourself to further remind him how worthless and ridiculous he is. A man whose wife would rather have sex with an object than a ready and willing husband. That post nut headspace is a great time to make him feel some real emotions that are not clouded by his arousal. The humiliating comments hits ten times harder after he cums, it really does.



Sex dolls and Fleshlights can also be beneficial for orgasm training and for helping to reverse he conditioning behind delayed ejaculation.

As with every humiliation fantasy, aftercare is absolutely essential. He needs to know that you still value him and desire him but he should also know how much you loved role playing with him.

Can anyone translate this? I love how well trained he is, does not even touch his penis at the end!

The ball squeezing and smacking when he finishes is great. I love the femdom vibe to this!

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God damn that sounds hot I’m most definitely sending this article to my wife! Getting to see your relationship evolving from afar is a beautiful thing. As I guy who is deeply into Sph I would find this incredibly erotic and from what I’ve been able to ascertain from your blog so does your husband. I think at the end of the day sexually and non sexually that is what makes a relationship work. understanding what makes your partner tick and giving them that from a loving place.

Dad Jokes

My wife and I tried this last night, I bought a sex doll after I saw this blog and it finally came in yesterday. I have a very difficult time cumming from sex in fact I’ve posted in your delayed ejaculation forum in the past. We thought this might be a fun way to explore together.

I shared this blog with her and she decided also to name our new friend Crystal (at least for now). After I got out of the shower I got dress end, she instructed me to strip naked and fuck Crystal while she watched. I did as told and it was very hot making eye contact with her while I fucked Crystal. The entire time that I was fucking Crystal my wife was reminding me that I’m not good enough and that Crystal is doing us a favor by giving my tiny useless penis something to fuck. She pulled up pictures of her boyfriend on her phone and even started texting him while making comments, many of which were slightly modified from the list above.

When I felt like I was getting close I begged her to let me cum inside her. She reluctantly said yes and spread her legs for me and said get lube and make it quick. I removed myself from Crystal, got some lube and got on top of her. Within just a few minutes I emptied myself into her for what might be the second time in our 10 year marriage. The intimacy and closeness we’ve felt in the last day or so has been wonderful. The recommendations above also made her much more comfortable with playing with the shared degradation/not good enough kink that we enjoy together. My wife and I both enjoy your blog and it continues to enhance our marriage and sex life. Thank you so much!


That sounds like fun! I never would have thought of it myself.

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