The Fox And Stag

The Fox & The Stag

A fox hotwife is any woman that has occasional sex with other men with the encouragement and full consent of her straight heterosexual husband or boyfriend. Her husband or boyfriend, known as as stag, is however monogamous to her and does not seek out sexual encounters with other women in return. This should not be confused with cuckoldress and cuckold type relationships in which humiliation and degradation of her partner play a key role often accompanied by homosexual behavior. Fox hotwives are at the center of all their straight partners sexual desires and while sexual teasing is often present between herself and her partner it is only done in a playful way between a genuinely loving couple to increase the erotic experience. Fox hotwives engage in a variety of activities from mere fantasy role playing with their partner to various degrees of actual real sexual activity with other men.

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This takes various forms such as:

  1. Merely kissing and fondling with other men in a bar
  2. Sexual activity with other men but not full intercourse
  3. Having sex with other men and then retelling the event in detail to her stag
  4. Having her stag listen or watch her have sex with other men or having him join in a straight sex threesome with her and the other guy.

Key to all these activities is the practice in which her stag, increasingly aroused by sexual competition for his fox hotwife has sex with her, by way of reclaiming her as his own. She engages in this activity because of a combination of her stag’s desire for such sexual play in seeing his girl as being both universally desirous and his pride in sharing her and her own foxy desire to enjoy pleasure and passion with other men, with his encouragement while still in a real committed loving relationship based on love and mutual respect. Women; being more prone to neophilia (erotic newness) than their male counterparts are often highly aroused by the idea of sexual variety and find that it greatly enhances their overall sexual enjoyment and arousal. Her activity with other men, while generally fun and friendly, is solely sexual and her stag always remains her primary emotional and sexual focus in the longer term. Fox hotwifing is a subset of swinging in which only the female partner plays and is a rapidly growing sexual lifestyle choice enjoyed by many couples. Some couples discover fox hotwifing early in their relationships while others find it much later. The reasons for fox hotwifing have always been around and lie deep in our evolutionary history as a species. Now, factors such as female empowerment, better contraceptive/safer sex technologies, ease of online information, communication and anonymity have combined with other things to bring such activity out of the shadows to the edge of the mainstream. A fox is a better word to describe such women as not all hotwives are married woman. The sexy fox is the partner to the proud stag.


So, how is a fox hotwife different from the cuckold?

In a cuckold relationship, the person watching is usually being humiliated in some fashion. Often it’ll be a younger, more conventionally attractive or better endowed man who is having sex with the partner.


Sometimes verbal humiliation will be a part of the scene, with the partner expressing how much better her lover (or bull) is than her cuck, how much bigger his penis is and how inadequate he is by comparison. This is called SPH or small penis humiliation.

In cuckolding, the cuck doesn’t want to or isn’t permitted to join in. The cuck might be involved in foreplay, or ‘forced’ to give the other man a blow job, but he’s not invited in. That would ruin the fantasy for most cucks.

In the case of fox hotwives, there isn’t the same element of humiliation. The man stag who would in cuckolding be the cuck instead enjoys watching his other half receiving sexual gratification from other men.

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The fox hotwife typically enjoys performing and being watched but doesn’t get aroused by degrading or humiliating her stag. This may not be part of their relationship dynamic or this type of role playing may be a complete turn-off for her.

A fox hotwife relationship doesn’t preclude the man being involved. He might eventually join in with his partner and another man rather than relishing in the exclusion being excluded.

Couples who practice stag and vixen fantasies are not, however, automatically polyamorous or open. Stags and vixens often only have sex this way in pre-arranged situations, having communicated and negotiated their boundaries and when they are both present.

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Most stags and vixens would still consider it cheating if their partner had sexual contact with someone else without discussing it first. When entering a non-monogamy dynamic in your relationship, it is essential to be on the same page, communicate with your partner frequently and set clear boundaries.

Regardless of how you tune your dynamic, it is key to set aside time to communicate with your partner and ensure that your connection stays strong despite having physical intimacy with others.



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Interesting article, but I don’t think the distinction between the fox hot wife relationship and cuckolding is quite as distinct as presented here. Based on my experience as a cuckold, there is a great deal of overlap between the two types of relationship. In fact, I would say that the fox hot wife/stag relationship is like a sub category of cuckolding.


One further comment about this interesting post. Emma says that the hotwife relationship works because women are more prone to neophilia, a desire for sexual newness, than men. I don’t think that is true. Otherwise, why are there so many male philanderers, and so many men who risk their marriages by cheating on their wives. I believe men and women both have a natural desire for sexual newness, but the ideal of marital fidelity requires us not to give into that desire.

Personally, I went through a phase when I was interested in swinging, and I talked to my wife about it. She wasn’t interested because she thought it might destabilize our marriage. Thus, I relegated my desire for sexual newness to the realm of fantasy. Jump forward several years. Our marriage had evolved into a FLR: I was an obedient husband, and she was a disciplinary wife. I told her I had begun to fantasize about her expressing her dominance by having sex with other men. She asked me whether I would feel entitled to have sex with other women if she had sex with other men. In other words, was this a roundabout way of reviving my fantasy about swinging? I assured her that cuckolding meant that the privilege of extramarital sex would be hers alone. I would be totally faithful to her. Suddenly, she admitted that she had always been turned on by the idea of extramarital sex for her, but she had suppressed it because she didn’t want me to have sex with other women. Long story short: she embraced my cuckold fantasy and began to have sex with other men.

Did my own natural desire for sexual newness disappear? No. There is a part of me that is jealous that my wife has sexual privilege denied to me. There is an inherent unfairness in cuckolding, which greatly enhances the dominant/submissive vibe of a FLR. But I find an incredible emotional richness in that arrangement. When I help my wife get ready for a date, and I see how excited she is, or when she tells me about how much she enjoyed the sex afterwards, I feel the joy of compersion. It turns me on to empathize with her excitement about sexual newness because I know how exciting it would be for me, but it gives me pleasure to know that I am sacrificing something that she is allowed to have.

One other point. If men were indeed less interested in sexual newness than women, where would the other men with whom the hotwife/cuckoldress has sex come from?


My lovely Wife Karin and I don’t fit perfectly into the Fox (or Vixen) and stag situation, because I sometimes am allowed to play with other women. But it comes close at times.

Generally the only humiliation directed toward me when She is playing with another man while I am present, is along the lines of “it’s a shame you’re locked up but you can still get pegged or go down tonight” type of stuff.

Recently, on a whim, She turned a date that we had pre-arranged with another couple as a swing night, into a night all for Herself with the other couple… and I loved it.


Thank you for sharing. I’m going to share this with my wife when the time is right.

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