Starting Out

Starting Out – Part 4

This is a continuation of the previous post entitled Starting Out. You probably want to catch up on that one if you haven’t already read it.

As we left the previous article, we locked our buddy for two days in exchange for answering a few questions about female control. I answered his questions and he held up his end of the bargain by staying locked for two days. We got through that evening but the struggle began around bedtime as he took a shower and attempted to clean in and around the cage area. He asked how to clean himself and I opened the shower, squeezed some of my liquid body wash onto the top of his cage and told him to rinse thoroughly. He grinned and asked if I would help him rinse thoroughly. I replied and told him that we need to set some ground rules. When you are locked, I don’t want to hear little sexual quips like that.

Mean And Satisfied

I told him that if the little comments and questions continue, I add a day. No warnings, I just add a day by holding up a finger. Don’t bring up the cage, don’t bring up washing, don’t bring it up at all. If in doubt, don’t bring it up. Before you bring up a question about having trouble sleeping overnight, apply some Vaseline on the base ring of your cage before you go to bed and you will be fine overnight. I don’t want to hear it now and I especially don’t want to hear it at four in the morning.


That got my point across, we laid in bed and talked for a bit before I rolled over to read on my kindle before going to sleep. I woke up again at about three am to hear him in the restroom. I didn’t hear anything beside him going to the restroom and coming straight back to bed. A smile came across my face as I went back to sleep.

I Know

We woke up the next morning, I rolled over and asked him if he slept well and he mentioned that he woke up once in the middle of the night with an erection but he peed and solved that problem. He also thanked me for the Vaseline suggestion since that solved the discomfort he had experienced previously.


It was Monday morning and we both had to work. As we were both stretching and getting out of bed, I asked him to get me a cup of coffee. He looked at me for a moment before complying, unaccustomed to me asking him to serve me. I smirked at his reaction. He came back with my coffee in my favorite mug that depicted a 1980’s cartoon character named She-Ra. I smiled at his thoughtfulness and imagined that his lockup must have something to do with his eagerness.

I got ready for work and nothing notable really happened that morning until I got to work. Throughout the day, he texted me a few times with some compliments and I love you messages. This wasn’t like him, but I enjoy that type of thing. Typically I won’t hear from him throughout the entire day unless I message him and ask a question. I smirked again and thought about how many women would love to know this little secret.

I got home and nothing exciting really happened that evening, he made something simple for dinner as he typically does. Tonight it was an easy pasta dish and a glass of red wine. We ate in front of the TV and I asked how his day went. He was abnormally talkative and explained a situation that was rather trivial but I like a guy who does more than grunt and say “fine”. The evening was about the same as the previous one until we got into bed. As I crawled into bed and started to pull the covers up, I felt his hands on my shoulders. I tensed up for a second and then relaxed as I realized that I was the lucky recipient of an unsolicited shoulder massage. I am going to get used to this, I thought. After a nice twenty minute massage, we said goodnight and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning was similar to the last, I didn’t ask him to get me coffee but he brought it to me as I was getting out of bed. I seemed to get quite a few more pleases and thank yous than I normally do. Otherwise, about the same as the day before. Work was a repeat of the previous day, talkative, complimentary and communicative boyfriend.

I typically get home around six or six thirty but it was a busy day so I got home at nearly seven to find a card and flowers. Who is this guy? The powers of the ? I suppose. I read the card and moved the flowers to a vase but he was nowhere to be seen. I went to the bedroom to see a couple of candles lit and there he was sitting on the bed. I sat beside him for a moment, smiled and said “I love you sweetie, the card and flowers were very nice but you are trying too hard”. With that, I got up, blew out the candle nearest my side of the bed and went back to the other room.

Tumblr Pnzvrez4Sh1Rb1Pydo1 540

He came out of the bedroom, a bit dumbfounded and frustrated and insisted that he was giving me what I wanted. We got into a bit of a tiff but he eventually understood that I wasn’t looking for him to be someone that he wasn’t. I was just looking for him to be a bit more thoughtful. He promised to do better and he agreed to give it another shot the following day. I suggested that we both know he needs another day locked up to give it another shot. He begrudgingly agreed.

I’ll keep going with another part, don’t worry. Make sure you subscribe so you can get updates <3



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I enjoyed this and look forward to part five!


Looking for part 5,enjoy reading your posts.Thank you for sharing your experience Emma.


I hope you pick up where you left off.


I’m so excited to be looking forward to seeing episode 5. Thank you for this fantastic story

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