Blow Up Doll

Erotic Fiction: The Cuck’s Blow-Up Doll, Annabelle

I’d like to thank Emily Strauss for contributing this work of erotic fiction. Emily is a friend of Evolving Your Man and was inspired to write this by the SDH (Sex Doll Humiliation) blog that I wrote back in April. Give her story a read and post your feedback and appreciation in the comments. Do you have something that you would like to contribute to the site? Reach out via Twitter or my contact form!

The door opened and his stunning wife, Emma, strode confidently in, pulling her date by the hand behind her. She wore a very short, very tight little black dress and the gorgeous, strappy high heels he’d bought her for her birthday. He stared adoringly at her long, toned legs and curves barely hidden by the dress. There was a flush of heat in his cock as it tried to become erect but was instantly stopped by the unrelenting, bright pink chastity device.

“There he is,” she said as she approached and gave him a peck on the cheek, the faint smell of alcohol on her breath.


“You know, a part of me still didn’t believe you about this,” her date said chuckling, looking down at him over her shoulder.

Having helped Emma choose this guy from his dating profile, he knew he was a big man, but now it was obvious just how big. Being six foot four, he dwarfed both of them and his muscular physique was something to behold. It was not over the top, but obvious that this guy took very good care of himself. Also, something about the way he carried himself, instantly telegraphed that he was very confident and dominant.


“You didn’t believe me?” she replied in feigned innocence while turning to face him and bite her bottom lip.

“I know, I know, I’m sorry,” he replied, disarmingly, with a handsome smile. “Does he wear this all the time? And what do I call him?” he continued, simultaneously reaching out and taking hold of the chastity device.

“You don’t have to speak to him at all, if you don’t want, but most guys just call him ‘cuck’ when we’re doing this. Now, never mind him, come and make up for insulting me,” she said as she walked seductively to the desk in the corner. “And baby, it’s been a while since you were emptied so go and fetch Annabelle.”
The cucks heart sank. He hated Annabelle. He’d rather be emptied via prostate massage, with no orgasm than use… her. And especially in front of one of Emma’s bulls. But he loved Emma so much and worshiped the very ground she walked on, that after only the briefest hesitation, he quietly slipped out and made his way to their equipment room.

Image 7

Annabelle was a blowup doll, but not a good blowup doll. She was cheap, nasty and see- through. She was more like a bachelor party accessory than a sex toy, but she did have a shallow vaginal opening, that when lubricated, provided just enough basic stimulation to get him to orgasm.

Using the foot pump for speed, he inflated her and returned to the Master bedroom, where he found Emma perched spread-eagled on the desk with her date kneeling, his face buried in her pussy. They paid him no attention, so he moved, as per her standing instruction to sit on his cuck chair and watch.

She was close to orgasm as she put all her weight on one hand while moving the other to the back of her bull’s head to pull it in closer, her delightful moaning becoming louder and more urgent. Taking the hint, he picked up his speed and soon Emma’s legs began to shake as the orgasm washed over her.

Sliding off the desk and, on shaky legs, she led her date over to the bed, where she indicated for him to sit down. “Come here, baby,” she instructed her husband. Turning back to the other man, she asked, “you’re not shy, are you? You don’t mind if he gets you hard, I need to prepare him while he does, that’s all.”

“Fine by me,” came the reply.

“In between his legs, that’s it,” she said as she gently manoeuvred him into a kneeling position.
Get him nice and hard for me, ok? You want me to enjoy that big dick, don’t you?” she asked softly.
“Yes, of course I do,” he replied lovingly, now staring at the enormous, semi-erect cock a few inches from his face. With him being straight, it was very humiliating for him. But he would suck this cock to the best of his ability and get it has hard as possible, just to please her.

As he took the phallus in his mouth, he saw Emma collect Annabelle and take her to the bedside table, where she squirted in some lube from the bottle they kept there. Next, she knelt by his side, released his chastity device and gave his small cock a few strokes for encouragement.

“Ok, that’s enough,” she said as she pulled her husband away from his task. “Wow, good job, baby,” she continued as she knelt and grabbed a dick in each hand. “You know I love you, but unfortunately, this can never live up to that,” she said, looking from his cock to her date’s. Then fixing her gaze squarely into his eyes, “you want me to be satisfied, right? Tell me you do.”

Image 9

“Yes, anything to make you happy,” he replied honestly.

“Would you like to massage my feet while he fucks me, you know I like it when you do that?” she asked affectionately.

He simply nodded enthusiastically in response.

“Come and stretch me out, daddy,” she said, seductively crawling onto the bed before slowly spreading her legs.

The bull needed no more encouragement and impatiently climbed in between her parted limbs, lined up his cock and fully entered her wet, inviting pussy in one powerful stroke causing a huge moan of delight to escape her. The small grunt indicating his approval at her warm embrace, he waited a moment, savoring the feeling before beginning to mercilessly pound her.

Yelps and howls of pleasure were soon filling the room as the bull’s cock did its job in ripping orgasm after orgasm from Emma’s writhing body. After just the first two, she’d removed her foot from her husband’s mouth as he sucked her toes, so she could wrap them tightly around the powerfully thrusting man.

“Wait, wait,” she said suddenly to her date, who immediately stopped inside her with a confused look on his face. “Baby, you should join in. Give Annabelle a good seeing to while we fuck. But don’t cum, edge for me,” she instructed her husband.

Reluctantly, he did as stipulated, as their fucking resumed, and slid as much of his cock as he could into the doll. This spoke a lot to the terrible quality of the toy as he could only fit about two thirds of his four-and-a-half-inch penis inside. His manhood had been somewhat larger than this, but since he and Emma had decided on him being in chastity full time, she’d encouraged him to constantly downsize the cage, meaning that he’d shrank with it.

Despite his humiliation of sucking another cock and now fucking this toy, it had been so long since his last ejaculation that within a few strokes, he felt his orgasm begin to rise. And watching his dazzling wife enjoy herself so much only brought on the inevitable more quickly.

A moan escaped his mouth as he frantically tried to hold back, causing Emma to look at him. “I knew you loved her really,” she said with a smirk. “But how can you be close to cumming already when this stud is still going, and he’s fucking a real…pussy…” she trailed off as her eyes rolled back into her head and her fists gripped the duvet so tightly her knuckles became white.

Image 8

The bull’s pounding had taken on even more urgency and as their bodies collided, both let out huge grunts of excruciating pleasure.

“Come for me, come for me, come for me! Use my pussy. Fill me up, daddy,” Emma cried a moment before he stopped deep within her and did just that. From his position, the cuck could see the bull’s perinium powerfully contracting as he unloaded his cum into her beautiful pussy. “Oh my fucking god. That was… Amazing,” she said breathlessly before they shared a long, deep French kiss. “Look, him and Annabelle are still at it. That’s so cute, look at how much fun they’re having,” she said, noticing her husband and seemingly remembering about him.

“Fucking adorable. I bet she’s just glad she’s not real. At least she doesn’t have to put up with the disappointment of that pussy destroyer,” he replied, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Hey, that’s my husband!” she said, playfully slapping him on the shoulder but struggling to hold back her smile. “Just imagine, baby, if all your friends knew that you never got to fuck me. We go to all these events and parties, and they all think you’re the luckiest man alive to have me on your arm, but the truth is, you help me find men on the internet and I fuck them in front of you.”

“Does he get off on you talking to him like that?” the bull asked.

“Not especially but I’m just getting in there first. You see, when a man has been in chastity for a while, he becomes absolutely devoted to you. He’s tender, kind and will do anything for you. But once you’ve let him cum, for the first few weeks, he reverts to being an insufferable regular guy… No offence,” she added quickly, smirking.

“None taken. I don’t think,” he replied, chuckling.

“Anyway, why don’t you give Annabelle your cum so I can lock you back up and you can clean me out. Then we’ll see if Mr. Bigshot here is ready for round two.”

“Challenge accepted,” the bull responded, confidently with a laugh. “But this time, you can go on top, I want to watch you as you ride me.”

Lustfully biting her lip and exhaling, Emma tore her gaze from the giant man and said, “look at this magnificent cock while you cum, baby. Just think, this has been all the way inside me. You heard how good it made me feel. Now cum. Cum, baby.”

He stared at the cock as he removed the mental shackles and thrust into the toy faster and faster. It did turn him on that it had felt his wife’s pussy and caused her so much euphoria, and it wasn’t long before his own cock started weakly contracting with a pathetic orgasm.

Before he’d even finished, Emma had picked up his chastity device and was making her way to him, simultaneously letting out a genuine belly laugh.

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About the Author:

Emily Strauss

Hi, I’m Emily 🙂 I’ve been writing erotica for many years and decided to finally share them with the world. Hope you enjoy my work and if you do, please feel free to leave a review or contact me directly on my twitter. I love the Evolving Your Man community and the fact-based sex positive approach that Emma takes to her writing. She obviously inspired the naming of my character in this story.

Some of my Emily’s work:

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Great story; deliciously humiliating and perversely satisfying. I loved it!



Everything about this story, perhaps with the exception of him “fluffing” their guest, is 100% a fantasy of mine. It’s like Emily has read my mInd.
I’ve been playing around with “casual” chastity for a while now. My wife is relatively new to it and goes through periods of really embracing it, then goes off it for a while. I know with a slow and steady approach she will get there.
We are a long way off the cuckolding scene, but the concept of her being fucked by another man and really enjoying herself while I’m caged really excites me.

Thanks so much Emily for the story, and Emma for your blog.


Same here, Fred. Except, I must confess, I have fantasized about being made to “fluff” my wife’s lover too. I’m not gay, so I would be squeamish about doing that for another man, but that makes the fantasy more exciting. I am turned on by SPH, and my wife sometimes satisfies that craving by teasing me that her lover’s cock is much bigger than mine, so his cock looms large (pun intended) in my imagination. Thus, there is a part of me that would like to experience just how big he is by being forced by my wife to take it into my mouth. But it would have to be an act of submission to my wife to be able to do it.


Thanks for a wonderfully humiliating story that pushes some of my buttons. I have never fantasized about blow-up sex dolls because I hate the way they look. But the idea of being forced to have sex with one in front of the man who has sex with my wife is strangely exciting. My wife actually cuckolds me, but I am excluded from their bedroom activities. I don’t mind being excluded because that’s what my wife prefers, and pleasing her is the most important thing. But I really enjoyed this humiliation fantasy.


That was sad. That poor, fictional husband is dying a slow-death inside.

What do you think? Please leave a comment.x