Sex Schedule

Are you a monster? Scheduling sex takes the fun out of it! You might think so but I’ve found that setting expectations and taking privileges away if life gets difficult, his behavior isn’t up to par or I simply decide to. I’ve also found that your man doesn’t need ejaculation or penis/vagina sex or anything in particular. Your guy just needs sexual attention and this can be in the form of teasing, pegging, cuddling, kissing  and oral (giving or receiving). What your man needs is to feel sexy and feel wanted. The more sexual energy that you spread his way, the happier he will be and the more he will be under your spell. Compliments about his behavior, teasing him about his size or being locked and unable to satisfy you, guys that you find attractive… really anything – the more you act like your sexual self around him, the more he fulfilled that he will feel with the sexual aspect of your relationship. At the end of the day, the ultimate goal here is to have a healthy relationship and for both of you to feel totally fulfilled. As an example, here is our weekly schedule and we are both busy so we don’t follow it too closely but it does give us a guideline so we can make sure that we are both getting what we need. 

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