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In my previous blog, I posted a quiz which used a few questions to determine if male chastity might be right for your relationship. Approximately 89% of respondents were determined to be a good fit for male chastity. Remember that my methods are highly unscientific and the fact that this quiz is on a site about chastity and orgasm denial will already skew the results.

In any case, based on the first 5000 responses (yes, it seems to have gone viral) I decided to share the data with you all.

How old are is he?


This seems to line up with the web stats that I had published in the forum previously. Looks to be mostly middle aged guys. The survey doesn’t ask the partner’s age.


How often does he masturbate?


I think I may have screwed this one up. If we have men who are presently locked, they likely don’t masturbate at all. I should have said “if you are not currently practicing orgasm denial” or “if he was not locked”. In any case, here are the results, it looks like the vast majority of the fellas masturbate more than once per week.

Who craves sex more?


Based on some of the forum comments I’ve seen, I actually expected to be surprised here but this is about what I expected. Men are hardwired to require sex like eating, drinking and restroom activities. Don’t get me wrong, ladies absolutely enjoy sex but I don’t feel like it is a necessity. Feel free to share your opinion in the comments or forum if you disagree.


Who is more dominant?


It seems like we’ve got a bunch of dominant ladies, although I must admit that I was surprised at how many couples are both passive/submissive.

Questions? Comments? Criticism? I’ll probably do this again since it seemed to be so popular. Let me know what to do differently. The original quiz is still open if you want to give it a try.



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I was surprised the % of dominant female/submissive male couples was not higher given the content on this blog.

My jaw nearly dropped when I saw a quarter of the sample were male dominant/female submissive. Also, there was an unusually large number of passive couples as Emma already called out. Passive couples are the subgroup I am most interested in understanding with respect to chastity.

The only other statistic which struck me as hard to believe was the % of men who desired sex more than their woman (60%) vs. the % of women who desired sex more than their man (17%). Perhaps this is a marker for relationships where male chastity is a good fit. My personal observation is that women of childbearing age are just as horny as men with this one caveat: women tend to tailor their sexual behavior to be in accordance with social norm and expectations. If we lived in a culture where women regularly gave or received oral to/from friends and it was socially acceptable, they would gladly do it. BTW, if you doubt that could ever happen: google Bonobo apes.


Two questions:

1) I don’t know if this sample contained all heterosexual couples or a mixture with LGBTQ, but it begs the question: are male dominants requesting their submissive female partners enforce chastity on them?

2) For the couples where both are passive, what or who drives the interest in controlling a man’s ejaculation?

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