How Long Does It Take Men To Cum

How Long Should He Take?

Kevin and I love experimenting. Nothing new for us. We like to learn as much as we can about this whole sexuality level and then tweak it to our tastes. Not being a man, I find male sexuality to be extremely interesting and fascinating. A piece of your body that grows when you are sexually aroused? Imagine if our boobs did that, I can only imagine – so awkward.

If you’ve read many of my other blogs, you probably know that Kevin and I separate sex and ejaculation so the time for him to cum is largely immaterial but we do have to stop having sex and take a breather when he gets too worked up.

The scientific institutions, Pornhub & did a survey of 4,168 men and found some interesting information. See the infographic below for the results of that poll.



I am only partially joking when I call Pornhub a scientific institution, they have some absolutely fascinating information about sexuality using data at their fingertips. Checkout Pornhub insights. They’ve written articles on everything from foot fetishes to alien porn and they do a great job of keeping things relevant to current events. They haven’t done anything on Male Chastity yet but Pornhub, if you are listening, we would love to see it!

Here is another example of their interesting usage of data. They did a comparison of the two teams in the hockey finals and their home teams. While I am not a big hockey fan, you can see that the folks in these towns are. Up to 19% of St. Lousians (is that a word?) and 23% of Bostonians watched a very different kind of man on man action during that particular game.


Pornhub Insights Nhl Stanley Cup 2019 Traffic Changes

If you are a big nerd like me, enjoy! Don’t forget to share, I find this stuff so interesting.



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