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I got a new job. Go me!

I am just taking a moment to brag here so forgive me for diving into the spotlight for a moment. I rushed home from a job interview to write this blog so excuse my enthusiasm. You guys, I just got a new job with a marketing company! Hired on the spot boo-yah! I feel like this is my first “real” job since I am sitting at a desk all day instead of doing food deliveries. I will be working with websites and helping small businesses do marketing. I had to bite my tongue and say that I have no web experience because I didn’t feel comfortable putting this site down on my resume. I wish I didn’t have to feel ashamed and I wish some of these things were more mainstream but they aren’t.

Very short blog but I just wanted to tell all of you right away because I am proud of myself. I am really excited about the things I’ll be learning at this new job. While this doesn’t have much to do with my college education (psychology) I am expecting there to be some cross-over.

In honor of my excitement for this new job and the fact that I start on Friday Locktober 1st, I’ve decided to lock Kevin up for Locktober early. Go me!

Am I Ready For My New Job False The Question Is Is My New Job Ready For Me



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I love being able to support you the way you support all of us. Don’t ever feel bad about posting your smiles and frowns as life hands them to you. I think we all love hearing about your life so thank you for sharing.


Congrats on your new job. I’m sure you’ll do just fine. Good plan on locking your man up early.

I’m convinced the world would be a better place if all the wives and G/F’s locked their men up and teased them until they reached the point of maximum sexual frustration,…then left them locked for a little while longer!…


Congrats Emma! Proud of you and I’m sure you’ll do a great job. You certainly have with this site.

Great decision to celebrate by locking Kevin’s penis up early! Will you keep it denied and orgasm free until the end of October? What is the longest period you have kept Kevin denied before? I’m sure you’ll be receiving plenty of attention and enjoyment still. You deserve it! ☺️


Awesome!! I am sure you will do a great job.
Kevin might not enjoy Locktober starting early but it is a great way to celebrate together! The longer he is locked the more likely he is to cum in his cage anyway ;).


Congratulations and best wishes on your new job. It was a good idea not to list this site as a reference as your previous post below states that you have broken this site numerous times. Nobody needs to know that. It can be your secret shame just like the tiny penises of all of those writing in the comment section of this post.


Congratulations on your new job! It’s a very exciting moment, to be sure, and I hope it is a first step to somewhere you really want to go. Best of luck!


Congratulations, you will be awesome


I have a marketing question to ask. You had taken them down but for the past week or two there have been random pics of hot studs wearing nothing while holding a vibrator or whatever. On several occasions I wondered what the connection was between the pic and the blog post only to figure out that they were ads. Does sex sell with women in the same way that it does with men? You never see it done on the same level where there is a beautiful naked man holding a box of special k cereal or whatever in the way you would with a woman advertising a product for men.

Neither of us read this blog till last night when I looked at it. I asked Dave, who is a reasonably high ranking exec at a national corporation to read it and see if there is anything that bothers him.
He did and he immediately said she lied on a job application. He said if it is a small regional company she will probably get away with it. If it is a large corporation with a big HR department she could find herself in hot water soon.
He said most big companies consider you a probationary employee for the first 1 to 6 months depending on the company. During this time they do extensive background checking including Facebook, twitter, and Google searches in order to protect the companies butt. If they find a lead to this site she will have some tough questions to answer. They will probably be more about why she was dishonest in her application than about the website itself. The web site is more about kink than porn. Probably not that big a problem.
Dave said if that day comes she better have some good answers. She doesn’t want to say she is ashamed and she doesn’t want to say that she thought they were not open minded enough to accept it. She’ll need to imply that she had little to do with technology end so she didn’t consider herself a web person. She should paint herself as being in charge of controlling the content and writing the blogs and that did not seem like relevant experience for the job she was applying for.
He said she can’t say anything now but she needs to know what she will say if they find out.


Emma – I agree with your approach, though you might have been able to couch it as “I have built up a fairly successful WordPress site, but it’s a personal hobby site so it’s not as relevant to your client projects.” Then again, the mystery would probably make them even more curious. So it’s probably best to omit it.

A friend of mine worked several years for a porn company, managing their website and whatnot. When he took a job outside of that industry, he had to use some tricky verbal acrobatics to represent his completely relevant and valid experience without risking his reputation by disclosing it was a porn site. It worked out for him but he said it felt like a close call.

From your initial post it sounded like you actually told them you had no web experience. That was my concern. It sounds like you are going to be fine. I hope you really enjoy your new job and it makes you happy to get up in the morning.

So how was your first day on the job. I hope it will be every thing you imagined it would. Good luck

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