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It is insane to think that this site has been around for nearly three years in one form or another. I started reading the now defunct FLR 101 blog written by YogaGirl and it really made me think about the why behind the successes and failures in my past relationships. I’ve been able to archive some of those blogs but I think the majority of them disappeared into the ether when her blog shut down unexpectedly. Her perspective really opened a new way of thinking for me. I started this blog a way for me to express myself and sort out my thoughts around relationships as I chronicled my trial and error with the relationship tools and skills that YogaGirl preached. I took her prescriptive approach and tried to use much of what she shared in my relationship with Kev. It turns out that her approach was too one sided and created resentment between us. The heavy handed style that Yoga dictated made us less of a team and took Kev to a sidekick role in a Batman/Robin type relationship. That was never my intent nor my relationship goal. In my perfect relationship, Kev is a main character in my story not a sidekick or footnote. We work together to manipulate his biology to free us of external biological influences and build a closer relationship.

In December 2018 I started thinking about creating an actual website and getting a website name of my own. In January 2019 I finally created something but building and running a blog turned out to be difficult and the first iteration was much less usable than the previous platform. I decided to go back to the previous blog and keep working on it. My friend Andrea helped me with the programming and brought it to the level that it is today. She also spent hours of her time teaching me the basics of running the site. Once the site officially launched in a way that was more usable than the previous version, I was super stoked. I continually learn new things and we’ve added a ton of new features like the forum and the member directory (thanks @jd ). There are so many neat things that you can bolt on to the site and some of them are really easy. Others not so much!

I’ve broken the site numerous times, I got flagged as a spammer once and even signed up with a completely overbearing ad company that promised a six figure income from this site. I sorted out the email problem and found a new ad company that gave me more flexibility. Between that and the backers on patreon (thank you!), the site does sustain itself financially so that’s awesome. Since then, I’ve even thought about writing a book!


Here are the top three blogs:

Lazy Husband: 5 Steps to motivate him to be a better partner
The Dark Side of Chastity
Taking The Reins

Top countries are:

  1. United States (67%)
  2. United Kingdom (10%)
  3. France (4%)
  4. Canada (3%)
  5. Denmark (3%)
  6. Australia (2%)
  7. Netherlands (1%)
  8. Other (10%)


  • 18-24 (14.91%)
  • 25-34 (21.09%)
  • 45-54 (15.31%)
  • 55-64 (15.91%)
  • 65+ (17.43%)


  1. Male (61%)
  2. Female (39%)

How do they get here?

New people find this site mostly through social media. Thank you to those of you who share the site on your social media! I don’t do any advertising so that was zero. There is a tell a friend button on each blog that allows anonymous sharing also. That button is used nearly 150 times per month. I think it is a great way to share a blog with a partner, friend or a friend’s spouse anonymously without overstepping. I can certainly see how posting something about pegging or chastity on your personal blog could be pretty embarrassing.


As the site goes into its third year, I wanted to reach out to all of you and see what else you would want to see from this site and this wonderful community? How can I help? Do you have any ideas of how we can make the site go more mainstream? Throw some ideas in the old suggestion box!

So thank you everyone for sticking around, reading and even contributing. I appreciate each and every one of you. I am excited to see what the next few years bring for all of us. If you’ve been lurking and reading but have never registered, take a second to register and introduce yourself on the forum. It doesn’t need to be some compelling story, you can just register and say “Hi, I’ve got nothing to say but I’m here.” Yes. I’m talking to you. I am glad you are here, so go register and say hi. I think you will be glad you did.



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Looks like this was from 2021, I’d be curious for an update on the site stats, and your thoughts on how the relationship has changed since then?

And always interested in hearing from Kev if he ever feels like posting.

Thanks Emma, your work here inspires many of us!

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