Male Chastity: Can sexual frustration make you die sooner?

Well that is a spooky topic for a blog, right? I was trolling for sex articles on science’s website because I am a pervy nerd and came across this gem from 2014. According to this study, the University of Michigan found evidence to suggest that sexual frustration in fruit flies diminishes life expectancy. Now of course, the female fruit flies aren’t locking the male fruit fly penises in cages but this study basically teased the males. I wonder if this was caused by heightened levels of stress and if this would apply to humans at all. As part of my quasi research, I had to of course search for a fruit fly penis which a thing that I will undoubtedly see again in my nightmares.

So they put these male fruit flies in situations where they expected sex but were not able to mate. The flies became more susceptible to stress and were not able to store fat which caused them to eventually starve to death. This does give some value to harnessing our sex drive and makes you wonder what part of the brain prolonged sexual frustration latches on to. It is also an interesting distinction between sex without orgasm and sex with orgasm since sex itself triggers a cocktail of hormones and orgasm does as well. We know that sex can do a whole slew of things from reducing blood pressure to reducing stress.

While there haven’t been any studies on male chastity, most of the concerns have been about physical pain and discomfort related to an improperly fitted cage. I doubt that it would cause any long term psychological damage but what do I know? We do typically practice a 7 day lockup because I noticed Kev becoming sullen when we’ve attempted any more than a few weeks. With frequent teasing and play, there are absolutely benefits to a relationship that employs male chastity. Communicate with your guy frequently and effectively to ensure that you are both having a good time. If not, put the cage on the shelf for a week or two and talk about what went wrong. In our relationship, chastity provides an amazing boost to both teamwork and communication. Along with both of those things, we have a kinky game that we both love. So lock him up and have fun but unlock the cage weekly for a good cleaning and inspect the bits and pieces to make sure that everything is in order.


Above all, have fun with it and love each other.



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Very interesting! I think there’s a lot about expectations. Once people expect not to mate, it’s easier to avoid the frustrations.

We’ve been playing with chastity for around 5 years (on and off) and as time goes our perspectives change. At this point I am super happy letting her decide when we have sex. I enjoy the cuddling and kissing every day, so even though I enjoy sex a lot, I wouldn’t change the constant love and even devotion for her.

From time to time we talk about the difficult idea of having things ‘ready’ for when one dies. I used to think I wouldn’t marry, I’d just have wild sex around. Then I thought I’d probably marry. Currently, my idea is pretty firm that I wouldn’t like sex with anybody other than my Queen so I’d stop. I just have zero expectation and desire of anything else.


I cant speak for fruit flies but I am definitely of the opinion that happy fun loving people life healthier and potentially longer lives.

I was curious about whether not having orgasms for long periods of time reduced life expectancy or increased cancer rates so one set of data I checked was that for priests who in many traditions have taken vows of celibacy and are not supposed to masturbate. While Im sure some do, its probably less than the general population and I didn’t see any increase in death or cancer. That combined with various other human studies that contradict each other suggests to me that if having fewer or no orgasms causes issues, it not by a big enough factor to be statically consistent.

Long and the short. This is definitive proof that humans are not fruit flies.

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