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Was it good for you?

We are obviously a sex-positive blog and I found this infographic to be very interesting. I haven’t fact checked all of the points and it doesn’t really have sources but most of them sound right. Enjoy!



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Frequent sex is healthy for men and women,and has many benefits for physical,psychical and emotional health. Woman blossoms with man who retains.They are real gentlemen who know how to treat and take care of women. Instead of unretained men who don’t care, respect female needs,desires and take them for granted. Frequent male ejaculation destroys intimacy,passion and love in relationship. Women are not dolls,they are your partners, who have rights, expectations,them merit to be loved, cherished and respected in relationship.


Hi Emma
First I wanted to say I love your blog keep up the great work. I do have a question concerning the chart above. It states and I’ve heard this many times before that males not having many orgasms can lead to prostate problems. Whereas the male that has more orgasms like mentioned in the diagram above may help prevent prostate problems. Just wondering what your thoughts are any of the readers thoughts may be on. Thank you



Good info; thanks for the research. I can only speak for myself, but after several days locked and teased (inside the cage or with limited uncaged time), I sometimes leak seminal fluid following urination. I end up feeling as if I’ve not completely emptied the bladder…and then leakage occurs. Can’t say I’ve experienced it during BM that I recall. Hopefully, this is not TMI…LOL.

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