Male Chastity Day 2023

Male Chastity Day 2023

Male chastity. A topic I absolutely adore. Why do I love male chastity so much? Let me count the ways!

The male orgasm is wonderful and I love experiencing this pleasure with Kev but men and women are innately different in several ways. Females are by nature multi orgasmic while men are typically not. After an orgasm men have a refractory period before they are able to achieve full arousal again. Women do not have this limitation.

The Male Chastity Day Challenge
Lock him up on Jan 14 and unlock him on Valentines Day!

A locked cock brings the romance back to the relationship and puts you into the driver seat of control. Locking him up will shift your bedroom dynamic and his pleasure reward system to be focused on your pleasure rather than his own.


Whatever your reasoning, power, confidence, kink, D/s or even experimentation, have fun with it and make sure to communicate often and openly. Below are a few selections that you might find interesting if you are going to be celebrating Male Chastity Day on January 14th.



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Pauvre vieux

I would like to be cuckold. Chastity but my wife don’t want. How could i find the way for convince her.

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