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I’ve been thinking about what makes a woman sexually awake and how men respond to her behavior since it differs from societal norms. This isn’t going to be an especially deep blog, I am just writing down some thoughts from a long car trip last week. A friend of mine graduated and I drove back to Colorado with her. She was raised in a very religious household and her parents enforced strict gender roles. The man was the provider for the family and the woman was to be the homemaker and tend to the children.

College wasn’t off limits in her household and if a woman went to college, it was usually to find a smart man that could better provide for their family. Women were allowed to have opinions and were allowed to contribute their opinions freely but if the man’s opinion differed, he was expected to be the final decision in all things.

All of the tools that I advocate in this blog require and often empower a woman to be different that what society expects. I find that the more a woman contributes to a household, the more motivated the man will be. She will spend less time convincing him and their teamwork will allow their household to thrive. I encourage women to use their sexual energy to help manage the household and her partner’s hormones. Sexual energy should be cultivated and not repressed as in the religious household example above. The more sexually free you are, the more sexually charged and aligned your man will be.


Sexual energy can be used in many different ways, many of which I discuss in some of the other articles on this blog. I advocate using orgasm control to ensure that a man stays in a carefully curated level of hormone induced sexual thirst. While this seems complicated, it is actually quite empowering and confidence boosting for the woman. Monogamy and marriage are constructs that society forced upon us and they can be great but we should allow ourselves to experience everything. Only after experiencing everything can we choose what fits each of our uniquely different personalities.

Were you raised in a religious household? Do you have strong opinions about how your upbringing molded the sexual person that you are today? Tell us about it!




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Being raised in a religious household helps teach obedience to female authority—the mother who makes you go to church and behave when you are there. Or else. It also teaches submission to a higher authority who is loving and whose ways cannot be completely understood. You have to trust that things that seem negative or unpleasant when they happen may actually have a positive long-term benefit or purpose, if looked at correctly.

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